Wednesday, May 16, 2012

No Encouragement Please

I am on vacation this week and so far my RA is sorta behaving.  I have seen the Avengers in 3D twice (great movie-couldn't tell you the last movie that I wanted to watch again), rode two days and spent the day today visiting with my parents.  I have been struggling with my right hand and hips still, not enough to deter me from riding though, and Donna and I just went to look at an icomfort adjustable bed.  The one I liked was with the firm memory foam mattress and it felt so good!  As I adjusted the bed frame, I could literally feel the pressure being relieved from my hips.  I was ready to buy one until I found out that we were looking at $6500.  Guess I will just have to keep hurting and sleep in the recliner some nights.  
I am going back to my rheumatologist next Thursday and have a list made out of things to talk to him about.  If I don't make out a list, I will forget what I want or need to ask him.  I have been using the hot tub regularly since we got it repaired.  It is temporary relief, but it does help me.
Put in 190 mile ride with Darel and Randall Tuesday.  We stopped at the Elk refuge in Boxley but did not see any roaming around in the heat of the day.  I was hoping to see a couple of the 800 lb elk.  We also rode through Kingston which has possibly the smallest town square I have ever seen, but it is a cool little town. The bank still uses the old time teller cages.  I expected to be hurting considerably worse than I am today so I consider this a small victory.  I have rides planned for Thursday, Friday and Saturday also.
I have been considering selling the KTM ... well this weekend I started thinking about BMW's again and when I told my wife about still having a BMW fetish, she said those 3 words I was dreading hearing.  Go get it.  I really don't need any encouragement to go spend $12,000 on a motorcycle.  I would love to have the F800GS, but after cooler thinking and making some adjustments on my 650, I am quite happy with it again.  I opened the air box up to let it breathe more and it felt like it gained 5 hp.  Now when you nail the throttle, it is a bit scary ... I love that feeling. 
Here are some photos from the ride yesterday.  


Wren said...

I was amazed at how much better I felt in the morning after getting a 3-inch memory foam pad to put on top of my regular mattress. I'd like one of those wonderful all-foam mattresses too, but the expense is almost ridiculous. So, if you haven't already, consider getting a memory foam pad. They really do make a difference.
Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better--well enough to do a 190 mile ride better! That's just great, Terry. I hope that you'll continue to improve as summer gets closer.
Take care, friend.

Diego said...

I appreciate your need to get a sleeping surface that relieves pressure - I went through the same thing myself. But $6K is a bit too much to drop on a single bed! Have you thought about getting an air mattress with two points of articulation? This runs only about $600. You should check out Google shopping or any site like this with a little bit of information on adjustable air mattresses.

Candied Frogs said...

I love beemers. I rode one, a 500/6, for fifteen years and that old thing never let me down. It won't be my last BMW! Do it Terry!! Sorry, just had to encourage you a bit. :))) I'll stop now.

Candied Frogs said...

600/6 I mean... I ripped myself off for 100cc's!

abcsofra said...

One word only...ENJOY!

Lana said...

I got an orthopedic mattress last year from the Original Mattress Factory. The factory is local to me but they ship only to their stores (all over the country). All their mattresses are two sided and the one I bought has really helped me with a good night’s sleep and the price wasn’t too bad either. I loved the Avengers movie too but you have to see all the character movies (Captain America, Hulk, etc.) to really appreciate it. I have seen all their movies except captain America. Anyway, the small victories are still victories. You are still too young to RA get the best of you so as I always say, “Keep moving forward.” I whisper those words to myself on my worst pain days and even through tough times. Enjoy the rest of your vacation time. I am taking an extra few days with the Memorial Day holiday so the boys and I can visit my sister and her boys in NYC. And I won't encourage you, I promise. So what is the ride with it like? :-)

tharr said...

Wren, not sure what we are going to do for a bed right now. I have been sleeping better while on vacation ... go figure! I rode 5 days this week so I was glad I was able to ride some on my days off. Looking forward to my rheumatologist visit to see if there is something we can do differently to help me a little more.

Diego, thanks. We have a sleep number bed right now and I have let the pressure way down from what I normally sleep on.

Andy, I really want the 800, but I just can't spend that much money. I picked my 650 KLR up for $3500 and can have just as much fun and riding that $12,000 BMW. After a couple of mods, it's unreal how much better the KLR runs now.

Deb, I enjoyed every single day of my vacation this week. Why does a week of vacation go by twice as fast as a week at work?

Lana, we watched all of the other movies as they came out but went back this week and watched them all again and it is amazing how they tied all of the independent movies together and were consistent with each of them. I don't know about too young but I do keep moving (somedays pushing) forward. I don't have time to sit around. Enjoy the extra time off and have fun in NYC.
btw, I didn't buy the BMW, see my reply to Andy above.