Sunday, April 1, 2012

Time Out

I have been away for  a couple of weeks.  Things have been so crazy here but I'm all right.  Over the past 5 weeks I have averaged 56 hours a week at work.  In addition, the local union that I have served as an officer for the past 3 years is having elections and I am on the election committee plus I have been mowing (3 acre yard) for the last 3 weeks.  Throw in a few odds and ends on top of that and I have very little time for anything else.
My RA has been somewhat behaved considering all I have put it through.  My hands and feet have hurt badly the last couple of weeks.  I have noticed that my MTX doesn't seem to be doing that much right now. This has happened before only to have it start working better later.  This makes me wonder if I am really doing this badly right now or, even though there are strict guidelines for manufacturing, did I get some MTX that was made on a Friday or a Monday?  Has anyone else considered this before?
I have managed to make time for a few shorter rides on the KLR over the last 3 weeks.  Nothing picture worthy or exciting, but just getting to ride does me so much for me!  They don't make medicine that makes me feel this good.
I will be hit and miss for the next 2 or 3 weeks before getting back to a semi normal life again.  Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying spring.


Lana said...

They better pay well for all that OT time worked! You are busy, my friend. But here is the problem with that – I live vicariously through you and your riding adventures so this is not cutting it for me. :-) Okay, I am kidding. I have not noticed any issues with my MTX. However, I had a setback when my Humira was a week late but I thought it was because of the Humira not the MTX. The other thing you may want to consider is how medications eventually lose their effect – talk to your doctor on this so that are prepared if this is the case. Feel better soon my friend.

Anonymous said...

Hey Terry
I am amazed you can handle 56 hour weeks, but hope you get a chance to pace yourself a bit. Good to hear things are generally better.
Been having a rough spring since the actemra never really hit. Gonna go this Friday and see the rheumey, maybe I can talk him into a booster shot, oh I love prednisone. You hang in there bud


abcsofra said...

I can't attest to the metho but I will tell you about thyroid generic meds. Three different endo docs insist I do the brand for my thyroid meds. When I tell them the expense of this, they insist it is necessary because of the variant levels of the med in generic pills. Studies, they claim, prove this. So I put up with the additional expense...hate to but in my case keeping me hyperthyroid is critical to insure no return of the cancers. I am not sure if metho has a brand maker but you may check to see. I would believe this could be a possibility, your theory, as it is fact in the thyroid med industry.

tharr said...

Lana, I make $32/hr OT, I guess thats decent. I will be back riding hopefully this weekend.

Phil, always good to hear from you! I'm back to 40 hour weeks again and just in time, I was just about run out. Thanks, you hang tough too.

Deb, I will talk to my rheumatologist next month when I se him. I don't mind paying a little extra if it would smooth my pain out instead of going up and down as it is now. Thanks for the input. Hope all is going well for you.