Sunday, January 22, 2012

All In All, A Good Week

I have some good news since my last post.  My rheumatologist worked me in an emergency visit this past Wednesday due to my insurance running out.  This way I would be good for 3 to 4 months before getting in to see a new one.  I had found a new rheumatologist, a good one too rated 5 stars (just like my current one), located 100 miles north of where we live.  When I arrived for my office visit Wednesday morning, it turns out that my insurance company and the doctors network came to an agreement just the day before.  I will not have to go through changing doctors and driving 200 miles every time I need to see a doc after all.  I was greatly relieved to hear that news.
I have been doing ok lately despite noticing a decrease in flexibility over the past few months.  It hurts to realize you are slipping backwards but all I can do is enjoy everyday the best way I can.  Some days this is a day of hard riding, some days it is on the couch watching a movie.  We have had an incredibly mild winter so far.  This afternoon at 6 pm, we are sitting at 67 with the threat of severe storms, large hail and tornadoes into the evening.  I just got back from a short ride on the 650 and it feels like a spring day outside. 
Anyone who has been around off road racing knows the name Husqvarna.  In the 70's and 80's they owned the off road racing world.  Back in the 2 stroke days, Husky's were known for being loud, I think some of them actually made my ears bleed!  I have owned three of them in the past and just two days ago, Husquvarna introduced a retro concept bike.  It's got to be the coolest thing I have seen in years!  Cosmetically, they hit a home run bringing back the 70's white plastic and red/chrome gas tank while utilizing a 650cc 4 stroke single with fuel injection, LED dashboard, a tailight tucked in above the fender but under the seat and a headlight hidden by a number plate.  I would sell my KTM, KLR and my Silverado to get one of these.  I just hope that this bike becomes a reality while I am still able to ride.  
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Wren said...

Thank goodness you won't have to make that long, long drive just to see your rheumatologist, Terry. I'm glad to hear your insurance co. and the doc's group worked out a deal so you won't have to. It's hard to change docs when you have one you like and who knows you well, even when the new doc promises to be good.

My heart goes out to you regarding "slipping back." I know exactly of which you speak, as this last week and weekend have been like deja vu for me, pain-wise. It's sobering, but as you say, we simply have to do the best we can to enjoy life anyway, just as it is. You made me smile with your resiliance and courage. Thanks for that.

And yeah, I do recall Huskies, even though I was never involved in off-road biking (or even ON-road biking!). Noisy is an understatement. It's great that you can be so excited about this new "old" bike. I hope you'll be able to get one, one day soon.

It's a weird winter, that's for sure. Stay safe and well, m'friend.

tharr said...

I was greatly relieved to not have to start all over with a new doc! None of us want to admit that we are not as well off as we were last year, but it's hard to argue with the facts. I'm glad I could make you smile, you hang in there Wren. You are a tough one!

lol If you weren't into racing but still remember Husky's, that probably isn't a good thing. I like to be able to hear my bike running, but I don't like it annoyingly loud like so many run their bikes. Plus the concept bike is a 4 stroke, not a 2 stroke like the noisy old Husky's were.

Bad weather passed us by, but they had a tornado touch down about 100 miles east of us.

abcsofra said...

I am doing the woohooo dance for you! You get to keep your old dog...opps I mean doc :-) Smiling by now I hope. Which webiste did you use to view the five star rating. I am still hunting for my dog...doc that is. It seems that there is an ra vodoo curse going around as we all seem to be slipping back. Just read Wren's post. Glad to know I am not alone as misery loves company but in this case, I would prefer to party alone. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. And I also remember that bike. Mmmmm...must be dating myself here. I rode a motorcycle like twice in my life. That was enough experience for me. I prefer to stay on the sidelines waving you all on.

tharr said...

Deb, thanks for the woohooo dance! BTW, yes, I am smiling. I used to locate another good rheumatologist in my area. I have put off admitting the fact that I am slipping backwards, it is a hard fact to face up to. I wouldn't wish this for anyone Deb. I am really impressed that both you and Wren remember Huskys from their prime. Rode one twice huh, didn't crash did you?

Lana said...

100 miles north – wow – that is a good commute away! It is a good thing that this worked out. I am sorry that you are having flexibility issues. That really sucks. But you are right in enjoying each day – that is all any of us can do. It is pretty cold in the Midwest but I guess I would take it over severe storms and tornados. (((Hugs))) to you, my friend.

mary said...

Really glad you get to keep your doc. One less thing to worry about. A 200 mile round trip to see the rheumatologist just sounded like a cruel joke. It is hard enough trying to get out of the car after a short trip, let alone a 100 mile jaunt.

tharr said...

Lana, thats not so bad now, I get stiff but the first year after I was diagnosed, it would have killed me. Even though I realize I'm regressing a little, I am still much better off than when I was diagnosed 8 years ago. I am hoping I feel up to start working out again this spring, I think that might help some. Storms aren't so bad, as long as you are inside ... I've been caught out in the woods before in a few severe ones and that is definitely no fun!

Hello Mary, I get along really well with my doc so I was very happy to get to continue to see him. I usually make local trips with no problem at all. My parents live about 80 miles away and it takes me a few minutes to get to moving again when we go visit them. When I was first diagnosed, I couldn't take that long of a trip, just the car ride itself was painful.

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