Thursday, December 29, 2011

To New Adventures in 2012

I have never been one to just sit back and let something run over me.  That being said, living with RA over the past 8 years has provided its ups and downs.  I raise my glass to all who live in rebellion against RA ... to new adventures in 2012!

I took the KLR out Wednesday and put in 160 miles.  It was a chilly day and I paid for it toward the end of the ride but the next day felt fine.  I also discovered, for me, the most amazing cold weather riding accessory there is.  We rode 45 miles and stopped at Blue Mountain Lake.  Randall asked how I was doing and I said good but my hands are cold and hurting.  He said here ... try these gloves.  At first I wasn't going to but my hands tricked my brain into saying okay.  They were MSR Cold Pro gloves, and my hands warmed up and stayed toasty the rest of the day.  We split up at the end of the day, traded gloves back and by the time I had rode the 3 miles back to the truck, my hands were hurting again.  Of course it was sundown and back down in the mid 40's by that time also.  A pair of these gloves are next up on my wish list for riding. I am starting to like the KLR more after yesterdays ride, it has incredible acceleration even though it is still restricted from the factory.  With a quick twist of the wrist you go from 45 to 70 mph in nothing.  I am taking the KLR again tomorrow for a short ride and the KTM out Saturday for another all day ride. 60 degree days in December rock!


Wren said...

Hey, Terry! A Happy New Year to you as well!

From those photos, that was a gorgeous ride. And I must say, your KLR is a nice-looking bike (though the only things I know about motorcycles are those I've learned from reading your blog the last couple of years... heheh). I know the KLR is somewhat larger and heavier than your other bike, but I wonder if it has achieved what you hoped for: Less RA and osteo pain over the course of hours on the trail, right? From what you wrote here it seems that it has.

I'm glad for you and hope you'll have many, many more terrific rides in the coming new year. Oh--and get those gloves! ;)

tharr said...

Happy New Year Wren! I hope that 2012 is easier on all of us.
I think it (KLR) is going to be a love/hate thing. lol We traded bikes, since both of us have new rides and I immediately loved Randall's XR650. It is set up like a race bike and I had seriously considered trading the KLR for one until I rode it yesterday. I love the power, the feel of it and the handling but it is just too tall for me now. My RA is limiting my ability to get a leg over a tall bike and it hurts as much to get on the XR as it does my KTM. My KLR is almost 2 inches shorter than my KTM and has a soft plush ride. The KLR is deceptive though, I was riding it as fast as I was the XR and it is more comfortable. Gloves are coming!

Cathy said...

Wow! The MSR Cold Pro gloves sound wonderful. Maybe I need a pair to keep my hands warm on my morning walks. :)

Happy 2012 Terry. It has been a joy to read your 2011 posts and I look forward to more in the next year.

Lana said...


I am like you in the fact that I haven’t let RA win. It really saddens me when I hear people say that their life is over because of RA and it angers when doctors tell RA patients to give up their dreams and the things that are passionate about. When RA came into my life, I was afraid that I would have to give up my dreams but something else happened. My dreams changed and every day I found myself passionate about things I wasn’t passionate about before RA. I am rebelling against RA by standing up against chronic illness and I am so happy with where it has gotten me. I plan on continuing to rebel against RA in 2012 but this year, I am going on some new adventures and taking on opportunities that I thought RA had taken from me so I raise my glass as well.

Sounds like the ride was worth it. Keep riding, you RA rebel!

Happy New Year to you my friend. I hope that is filled with much happiness and good health.

mary said...

Warm weather in December truly does rock!! Will be near 50 here today so I may just give a bike ride a try. My RA won't be happy but I will. Been drug free for a few weeks due to an infection so it will have to be a short ride but anything is better than nothing.
Glad you are getting out and enjoying yourself. Here's to a healthy fun filled 2012.

tharr said...

Hello Cathy, these gloves are a must have! They are a bit bulky for regular riding and don't have much in the way of protection, but they do one thing well and thats keep your hands warm.

Thank you, likewise I have enjoyed your blog. Wishing you a safe and Happy New Year.

Lana, I'm too damn stubborn or stupid to give in yet! It is sad when doctors discourage patients from living. While we will not be able to do some activities we use to do, we should still be encouraged to try them ... if we can not do them, we'll know. Good for you ... I look forward to reading about some new adventures.
Thank you, I hope 2012 is easier on all us!

Mary, my little biker rebel! That sounds so good, I know what you mean about a short ride being better than none. I am still hurting from my 160 miler two days ago. I have my KLR tore apart right now working on it, if I don't start feeling better, I may just do a shorter 80 mile ride tomorrow instead of an all dayer.

abcsofra said...

I'd hitch a ride but have decided to hitch it through your blog :-) I think the only thing I ever rode when I was younger was a horse. Loved horse back riding but love to watch you ride wild and free on your bike(s). Get those gloves! Oh yeah, warmth is a must have with ra and anything to keep us moving, roaming and heading down the wild roads of life is a must have! Happy New Year!

Candied Frogs said...

Hi Terry, glad to see you're out on your Kawi! Did you get that knobbly put on the back yet? Looks like a street tire in some shots. Fine looking machine!!! Rainy and sludgy up here on Vancouver Island. Got skunked on my long ride today by a deep pool... Made it through but didn't like it much. Chickened out, turned back and spent the day riding all the safe trails. :)

Candied Frogs said...


tharr said...

Happy New Year Deb! I think you would like riding. I love the freedom you feel and the disconnection from everything when riding. It really helps you clear your head. Absolutely ... those gloves are next up on my list. By the way, for a real ride, I have a few helmet cam videos up at:

This was my first helmet cam and it took a few rides to get it aimed just right. I like the tracks vid myself.

Hello Andy, I have a 606 knobby on it's way along with a set of Moose Hybrid footpegs, hate those stock street rubber footpegs. Thanks, I have several goodies in mind for it, next up will be a FMF Q4 slip on exhaust. It was sunny but chilly on our ride this week. We have some abnormally wide creeks to cross as well right now. Randall went out yesterday and said he turned around at one creek, too wide and deep. I don't mind them in the summer but you need to stay dry when it's cold. There's nothing wrong with safe trails! You have some great looking stuff that you ride up there. Happy New Year!

rheumforgod said...

To new adventures indeed! I'll drink to that! Happy New Year to you and yours Terry!!

tharr said...

Thank you and it's good to hear from you Kelli! I hope that 2012 is better to all of us.

Anonymous said...

Hey Terry
Nice trip and good info about the gloves.
We finally got a little bit of snow and single digit temps here.
I hope you had a very happy new year. I am still exausted a month after my first new infusion, but the doc thought that since my flexability had improved that he would give me an IV steroid plus Acterma again today and see if I get over this awefull tiredness.
The good news is that since I can't get out much I have been playing Scrabble with my wife and she is delighted.
Strange that somehow RA might have helped me reconnect with my wife rather than make me feel like a burden.
Sounds like you are doing pretty good. Keep up the work on the 650. I saw some pretty cool upper end mods on the web if you want to spend some cash to get a bit more HP, but not sure how much it would gain you.
As usual you manage to inspire, keep up the good work.

tharr said...

Good to hear from you Phil. The MSR gloves rock, definitely getting me a pair of those. You can keep the snow and cold temps, I like my winter with 60 degree temps just fine. I know we will pay for these nice days, but I'm enjoying them while we have them.
Good news on the flexibility, hope the fatigue improves for you. Some days the fatigue is worse than the pain. Scrabble huh? Glad to hear you're reconnecting. So many times you only hear of this disease tearing people apart.
Had 3 boxes of stuff when I got in from work tonight. Going to work on it this weekend. It honestly has plenty of hp, I am just going to uncork it and help it breathe a little bit better.
Thanks for the awesome comment Phil, talk to you later.