Monday, December 12, 2011


After a frigid blast moved through, actually it just stopped and hung out for a few days with us, I am feeling better.  As my luck would have it, now that my flare is about 70% gone, I have a stye in my left eye.  It doesn't hurt, itches a little and looks like I was on the wrong end of a bar room altercation.  Other than that, I am actually felling pretty good now.  

So good in fact, I got out to the garage and mounted a new front tire on my KLR yesterday.  I used my handy dandy new ATV jack that I had to buy just for the new scooter.  It is too low to the ground to use a normal dirt bike lift.  It was a struggle and my hands paid for it dearly but I finally got the stiff walled DOT approved knobby tire on the rim.  After I checked the spokes, wheel bearings and brake pads, I put the wheel back on and was amazed at how much better the bike looks.  Once I get the rear knobby on, it will look a little more like a true off road bike.  I have 2 weeks off at Christmas into New Years and I am hopeful we will have at least 2 or 3 days warm enough to ride.  Did you hear that Mike?  You'd better get your happy butt down this way and ride with us ... weather permitting.


Anonymous said...

I had an uncle who used to say, "if you can't ride, tinker". I get it now. :) Glad you were able to "tinker" with your bike! Have a great day. Tammy

Lana said...

Awesome for you except for the stye! Hopefully, the flare up dissipates completely and hopefully the weather cooperates so you can enjoy a ride.

Squirrel said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better!

Wren said...

Glad you're feeling better, Terry. The transition from fall to winter, with its sudden drops and rises in temperature and its all-over-the-place barometer simply plays havoc with rheuma joints. Glad you felt like working on your bike again. Your excitement about a good ride in the near future comes through loud and clear! I'm sure you'll have a great time.

My Mom has a stye, too. Must be the air. ;o) Here's hoping that your RA stays gentle for a good long run.

Anonymous said...

After quite a big ride on the Flare ride myself I can relate to your latest one. I got in the woods, taught a class, and stayed working so I guess it was a good fall in spite of R.A. I am feeling better after switching to actemra, but am very tired and dont want to think about holiday shopping. I hope you continue to have good times with your new toy. Last year this time we had over 40 inches of snow by now and this season so far we have had about an inch. I love winter, but I agree with Wren that the transition and fast moving weather fronts really give me fits. Hope things keep improving.
Phil - Syr

tharr said...

Coopy, I have a feeling that your uncle and I would have got along great together! It's not as much fun as riding one, but i do enjoy working on them.

Lana, I've had worse in my eye ... wait a minute, it is in my eye. I am going to try to sneak a ride in before I go to work Wednesday if the storms will cooperate and wait until after I go to work.

Thanks Squirrel!

tharr said...

Wren, thank you. You are so right about the fall to winter transition. I'm hoping to sneak out for a 100 miler before going to work Wednesday ... weather permitting. I hate to hear that about your mom, she has had enough troubles this year.

Hey Phil, this last flare was no fun at all. Almost over it so I'm going on with life like it's behind me. Sounds like you had a good fall. Good news about the Actemra, not the fatigue part. Thats about what we have had, I think it was an inch and a half. I know exactly what you mean about the fast moving fronts in the winter. Hang tough buddy.