Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ramblings Of A Madman

  • I hate winter.
  • What is wrong with people today, it just seems like there is way too much intolerance and hatred.  There is no such thing as agreeing to disagree in todays world.  If you don't agree with someone, they hate you.
  • By my own definition, I guess the statement above makes me intolerant of myself.  After further review, my official stance is that I hate RA which in turn makes me severely dislike winter.  This statement very nearly propels me to politician status.  I just need to develop a drug/alcohol addiction, have an affair and embezzle some money.
  • Perhaps not as deep as the creation of Stonehenge yet still I wonder, how can Nickelback be one of the top rated rock bands while being the most disliked band at the same time?
  • Why do I live with chronic pain every day yet insist on continuing to work a blue collar job and try to pass myself off as being a normal guy?  The answer is complex and has several answers.  Among them are, I want to be able to support my family, I'm not willing to resort to disability (although there are days it would be nice), I would have an internal conflict if I continued to ride but would not work and I'm sure not giving up riding any time soon and perhaps the most humorous one to some people ... I enjoy working.

While it is painfully obvious that I am not a deep thinker, I have been analyzing what changes/modifications I need to do to my new motorcycle before going to Colorado early next summer.  I have already started by relocating the license plate and removing the rear fender extension, added a rear master cylinder guard, did the air box mod to make it breathe better, replaced the stock handguards with a set of bark busters and some hand protectors.  Started removing the stock graphics.  I have a set of Dunlop 606 tires coming this week, that should help the lack of control issue some.


Anonymous said...

Ah the complexities of an RA mind. You have found the pivoting center of the illness. Just keep fighting back even when it gets mouthy. Plan ahead but pace yourself in the moment. Hang in there. Hugs. tammy

tharr said...

Thanks Tammy. I always fight back with the exception of those few days when it absolutely has the best of me. I learned early on not to fight those days, just wait til you feel better. I "loosely" plan things now. Too many times that I have had to change or scrap my plans. I have one riding buddy who has severe migraines and another who has vertigo problems. Often we will plan on riding together and a lot of days only two of us show but there have been times that only one shows up. We truly understand each other and I wouldn't trade riding with those guys for anything. We still ride with healthy people too though ... we don't hold that against them.

Lana said...

Disliking the winter makes you human especially because for those of us with RA, our flare ups like to visit us around this time and especially during the holidays when are basically begging RA to leave us alone so we can enjoy this time. I have to admit I love Nickelback and hate them at the same time. See, I like listening to them but my kids are not allowed to listen until they are old enough to ignore the meaning of the lyrics (so about age 25). Anyway intolerance and ignorance – I wish that we could set a better example for today’s youth but adults are worse than kids and I will leave it at that. My theory about intolerance is we hate what we don’t know. On the other hand, it’s our right to hate it but being vocal about it isn’t always the way to go. I hate to have to pull out a “here’s your sign” comment but some people are really…well, you need a Bill Engvall moment for them. Good luck with the political status and getting your bike up to speed. Hopefully, RA is kind to us this winter.

Squirrel said...

Winter is a tough time, Terry. Good to be planning fun things in the summer to get you through! Is there nothing you can change in your job to make it a wee bit easier on your body but without having to give it up? Hope you feel better soon!

Cathy said...

I have been dreading winter for several months. It definitely stinks. :(

What I do love is that you keep your priorities in tack and because of that, you have some control over your RA rather than it having 100% control over you. Yay! Keep those rides in your mind this winter.

tharr said...

Lana, you are right about the lyrics of Nickelback but most parents don't care about what their kids listen to. Good for you Lana. I think you are right about the adults being worse than the kids on intolerance. Nothing wrong with falling back on Bill. I am hoping that the new bike will be finished around mid january so I can set it aside and wait for warm weather. lol You know me ... I'll take it out for a few short test rides before it warms up for spring.

Hey Squirrel, so good to hear from you. Looks like you're living the dream with all of the places you have been. I loved the photos you shot of the northern lights and the iceberg lagoon. I am doing everything on my job to make it easier on me, some days it hurts more than others. I'm not planning on giving up anytime soon though.

Cathy, I don't know if it's going to be a bad one but I have talked with several that are dreading winter more than normal this year. I hope that isn't a sign of a bad one coming. Thank you, I always say that I am not going to let RA dominate me but it does get it's way every now and then. I am hopeful that 2012 brings lots of seat time on the new bike. Hang tough this winter my friend.

abcsofra said...

I thought I was reading my own thoughts on your blog today :-) Couldn't agree more. And I love that you have pulled your bike in out of the cold and are babying her and reading her for the rides in the spring :-) I find it so weird but winters for me have always been better on my ra. I know, I know...weird. But I swear it has something to do with humidity in the summer but can't for the life figure out how it all plays into the pain part. So as we approach colder weather here in NC, my ra is doing better pain wise then this past summer. Still alot of pain but less and I will take that with a smile :-) And I sooooo understand the work thing. I would go back to work n a heartbeat if I could. I still miss it and think I always will. I liked working also.

tharr said...

Deb, I have talked to one other person with RA who says that he feels better in the winter. I'm glad your pain has eased up a little bit with winter approaching. Any level of pain reduction is a good thing, wishing you the best this winter.