Thursday, October 27, 2011

Tile, KLR's And A Miserable Disease

"We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about." 
- Charles Kingsley

I think most of you know what I am enthusiastic about, motorcycles have helped me stay happy while living with a chronic disease over the last eight years.  Since my 400 mile ride, I have been burning up the internet researching the Kawasaki KLR650, Honda XR650L and the BMW F650GS.  While the newer KLR's are just dog ugly up front, I am convinced that this is what my next bike will be.  I am looking for a clean, low milage pre 08 model for the looks department.  The downfall is that full of gas, oil and water, it weighs in at 432 lbs!  Are you kidding me?  I hope it comes with a folding saw in the tool kit so if it falls on you, you can cut your leg off to get out from under it!  After hopping up and down on a 07 model this week, the weight doesn't seem like it will be an issue until the bike is laying on top of you.  The photo below is similar to how I eventually want my KLR set up for adventure rides.
I have been very busy over the last two weeks.  Between working quite a bit of OT and the floors, I haven't had much time.  Sunday we moved furniture and pulled up the carpet, pad and tack strip for the workers to start Monday morning.  We now have tile in the living room and think we will be much happier with it.  I'm not sure how my feet and cold tile will get along this winter, my feet hurt so much anyway and cold makes them ache.  I hate wearing house shoes inside, but I guess that is what I will have to get used to doing.
My RA has been semi behaved considering all I have put it through over the last 4 weeks.  From a 400 mile motorcycle adventure, to moving furniture and pulling up carpet, all while working at least 12 hours a week OT and getting inadequate sleep.  One night last week my feet were hurting badly after finishing a 16 hour shift.  I came home showered and crawled into bed.  Just the weight of the sheet laying on them hurt.  I try not to complain, but I truly hate living with this miserable disease.


deb aka abcsofra said...

Is that tile or wood? Wood is a bit chilly but not nearly as cold as tile. I have wood throughout but I could never walk bare foot again after first getting hit with ra. You may want to check into a slipper made by Clarks with this foam stuff on the bottom. It is a slip on and it use to come in black and dark grey for guys. Best slipper I ever had but I have been cheap and haven't rebought it as it was a tad expensive for my taste. Good luck with the new to be bike (hope I never read a future blog about you under that bike!) and your new floors.

tharr said...

The floor is porcelain tile. My wife liked it because it is completely waterproof, dent-proof, and resistant to pet traffic. I liked it because it made her happy. I will look into those slippers. I know that I shouldn't, but I still go barefooted inside and out.
Thanks, as my RA has progressed, a more comfortable bike is a step that I need to take to continue to do longer rides.

Wren said...

That floor is beautiful, Terry! I can see easily why your wife likes it so much: it looks cozy and natural. I have Pergo-like flooring in my house; it looks like wood, as well. To cope with the really cold aspect,I've long worn Haflinger wool slippers on my feet indoors, year-round. In the winter, with a pair of socks, you'll have nice, toasty feet even on a cold floor.

That bike looks ... formidable. I can see why you're a bit concerned about the weight, and having a possible mishap while riding fast on a windy, natural trail is sort of part of the thrill, right? The challenge? It's a shame we don't bounce so easily as middle aged adults as we did when we were whippersnappers, isn't it?

Glad you got that 400-mile ride in before the winter set in. :o)

tharr said...

Thank you Wren, I think we are going to love the new floor. I still can't believe it's tile though, it looks more like wood than some wood floors I have seen. I will look into the Haflinger slippers also. Toasty feet in the winter sound good.

I am concerned about the weight for actual trail riding. The forest roads and logging roads won't be any problem. I am going to hang on to the KTM at first but will probably sell it sometime next year. You are 100% correct, the faster the better on the single track trails. It would be nice to be a whippersnapper again for a couple of weeks. Talk to you later.

mary said...

I love the quote at the top of your post.

A new toy, sounds great but it does sound a bit heavy. Guess you'll have to be sure someone is around if you ever have to lay it down. Enjoy your search for a new bike.

The floor really does look like wood. What product is that? I am in the process of redoing my kitchen and need to decide on a floor. Had a leak upstairs and ended up with water running out of my cabinets and the light fixture. Can you say Three Stooges? I am leaning towards tile but like you am afraid of how cold it may be in the winter.

Happy bike hunting!

tharr said...

Hello Mary, I really liked that quote, very true. I'm excited about this new chapter I am turning in my life. We already have a trip planned for next year (after we both get a pair of these bikes) that starts in Arkansas goes through Oklahoma down into Texas. About 90% (if we have it figured close) will be on forest road, county dirt roads and trails.

The flooring is Mediterranea. If you are interested email me and I will send you back a link for it. It's too complicated to try to explain here. Three Stooges indeed ... sounds dangerous, water and electricity! I am going to look into what Wren and Deb suggested for wearing around the house.

Anonymous said...

Even the military is a big fan of Kawasaki's 650 and you can push that 450 lbs right off of you in a pinch.
I got a nice 7pt buck with the bow yesterday and finished cutting and grinding it up a few hours ago. Oh boy did we have fun dragging it 400yards to the truck, boy are we getting old. Kathy and I bought this house with tile floors and have learned to live with them.
Keep your feet warm and you will be fine. As far as working on them I was always a honda fan first followed by kawasaki, yamaha, and then suzuki, but the suzuki 650 power plant has come up a bit since the early 80's. The fall colors are about gone, but things are still awesome in the woods.
Halloween starts tmorrow and the fall around here is just magical.
Get another bike and just sell it if it don't hunt. How much can you you lose. Trust me now is the time to push it. Ya know I could go into a long story on how hard it is to type this after todays chores, but I won't , so just go for it. My fingers are completely shot so all I can say is hang in there.
Rubber side down bud

Phil - Syr

tharr said...

Phil, yeah, I actually saw where the military had a diesel version of the KLR in both the regular green and in desert camo.
Congratulations on the buck! dragging him 400 yards sounds like a grueling workout ... you need you an ATV for that. I actually love the floor, it's just going to take a while to get use to wearing house shoes. We are just coming into our peak fall colors now, we are running a week or two behind here. I am planing on getting the KLR and keeping the KTM for a while. The KTM is such an awesome bike, I just can't get rid of it right now.
I know about the hands, most people don't understand, but we fellow RAer's get each other. Hang in there, some deer chili sounds good!

Lana said...

Of course you get to complain. We all wait to be "normal" like the rest of the world. Overdoing it for us is the norm for them. At least your wife appreciated your painful sacrifice.;-)

tharr said...

What I wouldn't give to feel normal again. I have forgotten what it is like to just wake up and jump out of bed running to tackle the day ahead. I'm sure it was great but I just can't remember that any more.

About Donna, somedays she appreciates me ... somedays she wants to kill me. lol