Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

I have had an up and down week this past week.  I go back to the doctor for my "other" problem tomorrow.  My RA has been showing it's ugly side again this week.  As by now, most of you know that I can be a little stubborn ... I have picked this up from living with my wife so long.  lol   I decided I was going riding no matter how good or bad I felt.   I got up this morning and worked out quickly, mixed up a protein shake and headed out the door.  It was so exciting to hit the boundary of the forest this morning.  The smell of fresh air and feeling the wind rush around me as I unloaded my bike on top of the mountain was something I have missed.  I had planned a short ride, it grew even shorter once I got started.  I turned off of Highway 71 onto a fast, open forest road that I had planned to ride to Blue Mountain Lake.  As soon as you leave the asphalt, you start a 50 foot climb into a lazy left hand turn.  I was already running 61 mph by the time I got into the turn.  As the bike is sliding sideways  through the turn and I am reminded why I love to ride so much.  It didn't take long to start hurting and I knew it was best to turn around and call it a day before it got bad.  The good side is I haven't felt good enough to want to ride since January, the bad side is I still can't ride much before I start hurting.  Anyway, here is my ride in pictures today.
 Oh yeah ... it's gonna to be a good day!
My new GPS on my bike.
 I hope this was a planned burn, rode by miles of this today.
 Bad boys, bad boys ... watcha gonna do?
No, I didn't break the law and ride around this, even though this is incredibly fast, smooth and a shortcut to where I was going.   I knew a back way to get to the trail.
You can't tell from the picture, but if you hit these at 50+ mph it launches you off of the other side.  Gotta love those forest people, making our rides more fun.
 Beautiful old place that only has a fireplace left.  Lots of tracks around this place, I assume someone is getting ready to build here.  You can't even imagine how far out this is.  Most people living out in the country would look at this place and go, damn, you live a long way out.
 Vehicles 1  Snakes 0
 This was unbelievably rocky and rutted out, the photo doesn't show it.  When I got down to the bottom of the hill I turned around and rode it back out.  It was more fun climbing it.
This is what I'm talking about.  When your GPS says, "where are we", you know you're on a good ride!


Wren said...

Ohhhh I get it! You headed out this morning planning to go just far enough into the wilderness to confound your new GPS! After all, the whole idea of off-road riding is to get lost, right? Heheheheheh.

Great photos, Terry. It looks like it was a truly lovely ride and worth every bit of the pain. Thanks for sharing it with us. Here's hoping that you don't end up hurting too much this week.

As usual, sending warmth, comfort and hugs your way.

Squirrel said...

Haha, we were driving on a new stretch of motorway yesterday and that's what our GPS looked like too, it got very confused.

Lovely photos, glad you enjoyed the ride despite the difficulty. And hope the doctor's visit went ok!

tharr said...

Wren, I don't have the topo maps loaded on my GPS yet. It kept up on the forest roads great, and it had several of the jeep roads on the software. But the hardcore trails threw it for a loop. Thanks Wren.

Squirrel, it was funny to see my GPS so lost, but I was way past being in the sticks. I have the topo software coming, just wanted to see how it did without the upgrade first. IT NEEDS IT! lol
Thanks, doctor visit went ok this morning, no surgery.

Lana said...

Good to see you having fun with your new toy. (Again, men and their toys!) The change in weather has done a number on my RA as well. Sucks, doesn’t it? The good news is that it is warming up and RA isn’t going to stop us.

Anonymous said...

I too know about R.A.'s ugly head, but am so glad to hear that the wedding went well and that you are now able to enjoy a bit of spring riding. We get these sportsman maps (New york sportsmans gazette)that have a series of topo maps for each state , but they are quite big for a bike so probably wouldn't help you much. I find most old unused roads are listed on these maps, but some are too much for my Nissan Pathfinder. My hats off to you for playing around with the GPS, I haven't gone that far yet.
Very nice pic's.
Phil - Syr

tharr said...

Lana, I know ... new toys make life fun though. It does suck that our RA teams up with the weather somedays to hold us hostage. I am so ready for warm weather.

Phil, the wedding went great. The forest service maps that we carry in addition to our GPS's are quite huge, a real handful trying to fold back up on a windy day. I am just getting used to the functions and getting comfortable with it,ready to load the topo maps pretty quick now.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh do I understand stubborn. GPS just mystifies my mind, truly. I find a quiety comfort in getting lost now and then. Sorry to hear you are flaring a bit. Tell me, do the protien shakes help you at all? If so, what type are you drinking? Gentle hugs. T

tharr said...

Hello Tammy, it's nice to meet you. I say that I'm determined not to let RA bother me, but the truth is it does affect my activities more than I would like to admit. I mix one scoop of whey protein, a couple of strawberries chopped up and half a banana with 8 oz of water. I just mix one up on my weight days when I workout. I think it helps, may just all be in my mind though.