Wednesday, April 20, 2011

All In The Family

I have been experiencing severe pain due to another medical condition since January this year. For the next 11 weeks, while dealing with this new pain, my RA was almost non-existent. Just over the last 3 weeks, my other problem has finally started responding to the prescriptions, after 3 doctor visits, so it looks like I will not have to have any surgery. I am thankful for this but now that my pain is subsiding from that, my RA has started going crazy on me once again.

I received a text from my daughter this past Saturday afternoon with a photo of a dual sport bike.  My son in laws used dual sport bike which he had just bought.  Ok, you already know we're going riding the next day don't you?  I got off at 7am and went home and slept til 1pm.  David came over and we loaded both bikes and headed for the woods.  It was a warm but heavily overcast afternoon.  I wasn't going to take him any where he didn't need to be, so we had a nice leisurely 60 mile ride.  He did great not riding over his head to stay up with me when I would momentarily forget and light my 525 up.  A good first outing for us. I have his bike at my house waiting for some new tires to arrive.  Oh yeah ... this is gonna be great!
 David making one of the many turns on Poteau Mountain.
David's KLX250 in my garage.


Anonymous said...

I do hope your flare subsides and your able to enjoy your bikes once again. It nice getting out in the fresh air even if only for a few minutes eh? Gentle hugs. T

Lana said...

Great news – no surgery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cool, you are your son-in-law has something in common. It is true, girls do fall for men like their dads.

mary said...

You gained a son-in-law and a riding buddy...can't beat that. Glad to hear you can avoid surgery and I hope your flare disappears soon.

tharr said...

Tammy, I AM stubborn. I have been riding the last 2 weeks in spite of my RA. HA, take that stupid RA!

Lana, I was pretty happy to get to skip the surgery part. Yeah, This is his first dirt bike, but pretty cool indeed.

Mary, How cool is that, huh? I will take my RA flare over the other pain I have had any day.

Wren said...

Aw, so sorry to hear that you're dealing with such heavy RA pain again, Terry, even while I'm glad the other pain is easing off. Wouldn't you know?

And yes, it came as no surprise at all that you went on a good, long ride with David. It's just great that you have dual sport to keep you focused and having as much fun as possible in spite of the trouble RA gives you. Really, you're a big inspiration and proof that life goes on--and with gusto!--in spite of rheumatoid arthritis.

Hang in there--and consider yourself hugged.

tharr said...

Hey Wren, I'm relieved that the other pain is leaving me but puzzled to find that my RA pain is back as soon as the other more severe pain is exiting.

I think David and I are going to have a good time doing this and it is exciting for me to see someone new getting into it and the excitement that he has for it.

Thanks for the hug!

Squirrel said...

Terry, great news about not needing an operation. Hopefully the RA will settle soon and everything will be sorted for you to enjoy long rides with your son in law this summer :)

tharr said...

Thanks Squirrel, I am ready to do our 2 day ride with the guys and do a lot of riding with David as well. Looking forward to a good summer and fall. Hope all is going well with you.