Monday, December 27, 2010

Zombie Dual Sport

It has been discussed that we should build a training ground on some unnamed property outside of Fort Smith to help build the skills to become a more complete dual sport rider. In addition to developing hooligan motorcycle skills, we will develop skills like shooting a paint ball gun from a bike at speed, learn camouflage basics as well as shooting pistols and shotguns. Some of these skills will come in handy as the new Health Care Reform sweeps the country and the zombie outbreak occurs. Of course everyone knows that the best way to kill a zombie is a crowbar to the head or, my favorite, run them through a wood chipper, but hey ... it's just good clean fun shootin' guns.  At night fall, we will have our usual beverages as we sit around the campfire.  
Haha, can you imagine the turnout, if nothing else just out of morbid curiosity, if  we actually did this and hung a couple of fliers in local motorcycle shops?  We might just have to try this once it warms up!
Screen shot is from the game Dead Rising 2.  Pure zombie-motorcycle mayhem. 

RA and OA have flat out kicked my butt over the last week.  We have had frigid temps, relentless winds and rain, all combined rendering me almost unable to walk over Christmas eve and Christmas day.  I'm doing better now, my ankles are actually bending again, so maybe I won't be confused for a zombie while walking.  


Wren said...

Well, at least zombies are really popular right now, Terry. There's always a silver lining! ;o)

Seriously, though. I'm sorry you're having so much pain, even with the meds you're on. As I told my Mom a little while ago (who's really laid up with sciatica), I wish I could just snap my fingers and make it go away. If I could, believe me, I'd snap them for you, too.

I hope the weather warms and dries up a bit before too long, and that your RA and OA will ease up. In the meantime, keep up that sense of humor (love the idea of motorcycles scattering zombies). Laughter and smiles really do help to distract from pain.

Thinking of you and sending all the warmth and comfort your way that I can, O Popular One.

tharr said...

Wren, zombies are insanely popular right now, just don't want to be mistaken for one because of the way I'm walking (due to my RA) and get a crowbar up side the head! That could put a damper on your day in a hurry.

It was supposed to be in the upper 60's Thursday and Friday and I had a ride planned ... that was this morning. Tonight it has all changed as we now have a front coming through Thursday night. Oh well, guess I'll just have to wait for spring to ride again.

Thank you Wren and I hope your Mom is doing better.

Cathy said...

I know that zombie walk and it isn't pretty. Hopefully Christmas was at your house and you didn't have to get out much. I am glad you are feeling a bit better.

tharr said...

Ha, you're right on the zombie walk Cathy. We had a great Christmas, I just didn't move around very much. It sure hurt going back to work the next morning though. Feeling much better today ... finally. Have a safe and Happy New Year.

Lana said...

You have a crazier imagination than I originally thought. When I think of real life zombies, I think of the Will Smith movie “Legend.” I watched that movie at least 10 times even though it gave me nightmares each time. I hate man made diseases – the stupid things humanity does in the name of production – i.e. asbestos cancers. Anyway, sorry for the downer. But, I was laughing as hard as I was when I found out my best friend had spend the summer dating someone who just came out of the closet. She told me today so the humor was needed regardless of the expense. :-) The cold is doing a number on my joints and muscles too. Someone told me it snowed in Florida so our record lows are nothing. It is supposed to warm up towards the weekend and at this time of the year, mid 40s is warm in the Midwest. And I am grateful that we have not turned into zombies too because I am with Cathy - I hate the zombie walk.

tharr said...

I loved Legend (also loved the Book of Eli even though its not a zombie movie). No need for apologies, I hate to see or read about anyone enduring these types of cancers.
I laughed so hard about your friend, so did you ask her if she caused him to go gay (don't tell her I said that)? lol
Snow in Florida, yep... it's gotta be that global warming thing! I have been walking the Zombie walk too much over the last week. I'm ready for some 70+ degrees weather!

Anonymous said...

Terry - I hold her I didn't want to ponder his reasoning.

tharr said...

I understand ... that's still funny though.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the current bump in the old arthritic road. With 73.5 inches of snow here so far for December I have been suffering some pretty stiff and swollen times. I will go out ice fishing in the am for the first time this season. I may be like an Ice zombie for th New Years party.
Hoope you feel better soon.
Happy New Years.
Phil from Syracuse

tharr said...

Hey Phil, I'm used to not feeling normal, no biggie. Man, I would be suicidal if we had that much snow to where I couldn't ride. No ice zombies! I'm a bit late on my reply, hope you had a Happy New Year.