Monday, November 15, 2010

Still Smiling

It's been a long, tiresome week.  I picked my KTM up at 6 pm, the day before I went back to work last week.   I finished up my work week Sunday, having worked 52 hours over the past four days.  I signed up for two days over time if they needed help in the pressroom.  I woke up at 7 am this morning and checked my phone.  Whew ... no calls.  That means they don't need me and I can go ride today.  I need to break the new top end in and then I will be ready to hammer the thing as hard as I want to.  Just as I was heading out to the shop to service my bike before taking it out, I get a call ... from work.  So, I spent my first day off working.  I will also spend my last day off this week working.  I hope my daughter appreciates all the over time that my wife and I are putting in to put money in her wedding fund.

We had some serious weather changes blow through over the weekend, and I am still aching over them.  It didn't throw me into a flare, just a lot of extra aches and pain.  We have had high winds and rain along with a 25 degree drop in temperature.  My RA has been very grouchy this past weekend.  Everything short of my left shoulder has ached or hurt over the last 4 days, but I'm still smiling.  I am starting to crawl out  from under the extra aches today, even after working 10 hours on my first day off. 

I get to enjoy one of my three days off this week tomorrow.  I am taking my KTM out for a 50 mile partial break in ride, can't wait. Then I'm going to spend the other half of the day with my daughter.  She wants me to come up and just hang out for a while.  If that doesn't make you smile, as a parent, nothing will.


Lana said...

I am tired just reading how hard you have worked and I am fairly certain your daughter appreciates both yours and her mother’s hard work for the wedding fund. I had my flare yesterday after the up, then down, then up again temps and my body is still reeling. Glad that you are still smiling and when your kids want to hang out with you, it means that have really grown up - that means that you should be very proud and beaming from ear to ear. Enjoy the rid because I know you are itching for it. ;-)

tharr said...

I know if I worked a normal 5 day/8 hour job that I would be doing better. I feel somewhat locked in to my job now with my RA diagnosis. It would be hard to find employment elsewhere with what I have plus the insurance is picking up the meds good right now. Plus, when I don't work on my days off, it's kinda nice to have 3 days off one week then 4 days off the next week.
Just got back from my initial break in ride, very cool, very stiff and it hurt getting started on my ride, but I soon forgot about hurting. lol This is why I ride, so I can forget everything!

Lana said...

I get tired just reading about it and I don’t know how you do it but I guess I am not one to talk considering how much I have going on. Enjoy the ride.

Cathy said...

I love how you keep going no matter what RA brings!

A wedding? Fun!

tharr said...

Lana, you waaaay outdo me! I couldn't hold up to half of what you do. It felt so great to get out on my bike this morning. It was quite chilly, and I was still stiff and achy from this weekend, but I managed to get in 28 miles this morning. I wasn't sure if my hands and feet were going to warm back up. Man ... I missed my bike more than I realized!

Hey Cathy, thanks. We have to keep going though, I'm not ready to sit down and give in to it yet. Our daughter is getting married in March 2011. Getting close, seems like she still should be in high school.

Anonymous said...

Glad for ya bud. Have fun with the
KTM. Good to hear you are flare free. Man those hours would absolutely fracture me. I am truly grateful to have a 35 hour work week at a cushy community college. I won't make the big bucks but I love my job. Things here are still pretty rough on the knees, hips, & knuckles. I should start up on Orencia by December, that is if I last that long, can't wait. Have an awesome time with the little girl.
I had to laugh when you said "if it was a two stroke I would have done it myself". It is funny to me because I feel the exact opposite.
I have only seen a few two strokes and while nice and simple, I feel very comfortable with four strokes.
Take care
Phil from Syr

Anonymous said...

Great title to your post. It's not easy to smile through aches and pains. But what's not to smile about--you got your bike back. Yay! That's so awesome that you have something you can hop on to momentarily "forget everything". I want a bike now! : ) Who knows, it may be in my future with four boys!

tharr said...

Phil, I have missed my bike so bad! It felt great to get back on it and put in a few miles Tuesday. My hours are long, but I will keep doing them until the wedding, maybe a little after the wedding. I need some new riding gear. Glad you enjoy your job, that's worth so much.
I have no problem rebuilding 2 strokes, just haven't had any experience with 4 strokes. Hope the Orencia works for you buddy.

Kelli, I hurt everyday and some days it is harder to smile than others. I remember an old saying, "Smile ... it makes people wonder what you've been up to".

You'd love riding, it's a getaway from cell phones, jobs, troubles and somedays even pain. I hurt every time I get on my bike, but once on the bike in a riding position, I'm just fine. I think you'd look good on a bike. Let me know when you get one!