Friday, November 26, 2010

Oark Adventure Ride

I have been down over the Thanksgiving holiday with an upper respiratory infection.  After some antibiotics and sleeping 70% of the last 2 days, I'm feeling better today.  The down side is, by being on antibiotics, I missed my Humira shot Wednesday and cannot take my MTX or another shot until 10 days after my last antibiotoc has been taken.  I hope my RA will be kind to me over these next few days.
This past Monday morning, Randall and I headed out early to beat the storms that were coming in.  They were supposed to be moving into our area around 1pm.  We met up at Oark and headed through the Ozark National Forrest to photograph the Big Piney Creek bridge, most of you know my passion for old bridges by now.  We had no more left Oark, at 9:00am when I felt sprinkles. I couldn't resist walking across, and photographing, the old swinging bridge just outside of Oark.  Just down the road, the sprinkles turned to rain, then shortly later, hard rain.  After getting lost in the woods, the fog was so heavy on top of the mountains, you couldn't see over 50 feet in front of you at some places, I found the bridge.  The rain had let up and I shot a mere 3 pictures before my camera started acting up.  
After riding across the bridge and turning back north, I found the real treat of the ride, and this time it was not the bridge.  Beautiful, over hanging bluffs on one side of the trail, while the other side was a 20 foot drop off to some of the clearest water I have seen in Arkansas. This rivals Colorado beauty, is just over an hour away from my home and, at 52, this is the first time I have seen it.  My camera did me the honor of taking 3 more pictures before officially committing suicide. By the way, the pictures do not do the place justice. 
After leaving the overhanging bluffs, we climbed back up into the fog and rain, into the city of Deer, Arkansas.  We met an elderly couple and must have talked to them for 15 minutes.  As we were leaving the store at Deer, the cashier said, "watch out for elk".  Randall and I looked at each other and grinned which brought on a stern reply.  "There have been several run over this summer and fall ... be careful".  We assured her we would.  Then as I'm getting on my bike look at Randall and say, "you couldn't make something like this up.  Man runs over elk on a motorcycle in Deer, Arkansas".  We laughed, then proceeded cautiously until we were out of the fog. 

We stopped to check the map at an intersection and heard an unfamiliar sound coming toward us.  As it emerged out of the trees, topping the hill, he saw us and got on his brakes hard.  He pulled in next to us and was riding an Aprillia twin cylinder super moto bike.  Of all the luck, I have only seen these in motorcycle books, and here I am face to face with one and my stupid camera won't work.  Turns out, he was from Canada and came down this way to get some riding in.  We talked for 25-30 minutes to him before parting ways.
We have already planned to return and ride this exact same loop, with a camera that works on a sunny day.


mary said...

Looks like a great ride. I would think hitting an elk would do some serious damage to a bike and its rider!! The thought of going without my shots scares me to death. Hope you feel better soon.

Wren said...

Beautiful photos and what a beautiful place to be outdoors and enjoy, Terry, even if it did rain on you. I absolutely love autumn for the carpets of leaves and look of everything winding down for a good, long, renewing sleep.

I hope your hands are feeling better today. Have you eaten up all your Thanksgiving leftovers yet? We did--last night was a turkey, dressing and veggie shepherd's pie, and tonight we finished it all up with hot, savory turkey soup.

I think we're all turkey'd out. Maybe we'll have lasagna for Christmas!

Hugs for you, m'friend. :o)

tharr said...

Mary, I sure wouldn't want to hit an elk on my bike! I just finished 2 12 hour days at work, without my meds this week. I am hurting the worst I have hurt in quite some time right now. You don't realize how well the drugs are working til you have to be off of them for a little while.

Wren, I love going to Oark, although it had been a while since I was there. The rain dampened things a bit, but we were not letting that stand in the way of a good ride. I love the fall with one exception, winter is fast on it's heels.
My right hand feels ok, left one is still bothering me. I was so sick over Thanksgiving, I wound up missing our family get together. Donna brought back a small plate from Thanksgiving, but it wasn't the same without seeing everybody.
Lasagna for Christmas sounds pretty good, save me a piece!

Anonymous said...

Great pic's. Be pro active and get back on those drugs asap. I am still waiting to get back on mine and have not felt so bad in a long time. On the bright side I saw most of my family and managed to look like I wasn't in so much pain.
I ended up in bed for two days but it was worth it.
Feel better soon.
Phil - Syracuse

tharr said...

Phil, thanks, Oark is such a cool little town. I will get back on my meds as soon as I can, I've had infections before and know the routine by now, wait a full 10 days after taking the last antibiotic before resuming my meds. Glad you got to see your family and appear semi-normal. lol You know what I mean. It really sucks that just trying to do something normal (non stressful) with friends and family can put us down for a while. Hang in there buddy.