Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 6 Cancelled

A motorcycle racer in the USA is viewed, by most, as being about the equivalent to a registered sex offender.  We have had numerous regional and national AMA races in our area and have received absolutely zero sports coverage from any of the 3 tv stations in our town.   I am used to it, but sometimes it still bothers me that our sport is written off.  
What happened yesterday I thought would surely get some major news coverage.  The ISDE (International Six Days Enduro) was awarded this year to Morelia, Mexico by the FIM, the organization that governs all world motorcycle races.  The ISDE is a 6 day off road motorcycle race that is often referred to as the Olympics of motorcycle racing.  There were still 32 world teams represented at this years event.  I thought it was a bad move by the FIM at this point in time, and even applauded the British and Australian teams when they refused to send riders to Mexico.  

The first 5 days went very smooth.  Then Friday night, violence broke out between 2 drug cartels.  After the capture of 2 members of one of the cartels, they unleashed a wave of violence in Morelia, setting fire to cars and buildings, and blocking highways and major thoroughfares around the city. Local media reported that gang members also fired at police around the city and set fire to gas stations by throwing molotov cocktails.
After the attacks, US Team members reported seeing fires burning in the distance from the team hotel on Friday evening.

The 6th and final day of the world event was cancelled for the safety of every one involved, and awards will be given out based on the results at the end of the 5th day.  This sucks for Team USA, because day 6 is always the motocross competition and we usually have an advantage on the MX tracks. As it stands, Team USA wound up 4th in the World Trophy, 3rd in the Junior Trophy and 2nd in the Women's Cup.  I am proud of every one who represented Team USA this year, and pray that every rider, crew member and family member, from all of the world teams, get out safely.

Sadly, there was no mention of the violence, or the violence that led to canceling a world event on ANY of the news networks.