Sunday, October 24, 2010

Can't Trust Everything You Read

Well, I got the bad news this past Wednesday.  My bike sucked a lot of dirt into the cylinder and needs a new top end.  When quizzed about how I service my air filter, I told Travis (mechanic) that I clean my air filter every 3 rides. I've cleaned air filters in my bikes for 41 years without any problems but I recently switched to a new product, at least new to me, after reading a great review about it in a certain dirt bike magazine.  To make a long story short, the spray filter oil was not trapping all of the dirt and allowed dirt to pass through into my engine costing me a new top end.  
The fact that companies spend a lot of money advertising with a magazine, regardless of what product or magazine, should not influence the review of a product ... but lets face it, this is just big business.  Can I really expect a magazine review to be any more fair than life is?  I should be able to, but thats not the way the real world operates anymore. 
That is why I try to read reviews of products posted by normal, everyday, real life people on the internet.  Even this can be misleading though, if someone has had a run in with a company before, can you be sure they are being fair with their review of a product?  
I hope that when it comes to health magazines that can affect peoples life, not just their wallet, that these types of magazines are more responsible and unbiassed in reviewing products and medicines.  
Tomorrow, however, I am going by my buddy Darel's house to pick up his Honda XR 650 to ride this week.  He has called three times telling me to come pick it up, but I have been reluctant to so far.  That's a real best friend when he calls you up wanting to loan you one of his motorcycles!  I'm into my 4th week without a bike and I'm like a crackhead detoxing.  I can't stand it any longer, I've gotta get out and twist the throttle, feel the raw horsepower as the bike picks the front end up in 4th gear while you're already going faster than any sane, normal person would ride.  Then again, I may be feeling the detox effect from not having a killer cheeseburger from Rich mountain in over a month.  Whatever the reason ... I will be feeling better soon... I promise. 
Oh, by the way, my RA is still holding up well except for my left hand.  My ring finger has been hurting and popping badly when you bend it.  It occasionally hurts all the way up into the palm of my hand.  If it keeps this up, I would rather have them amputate the finger than have to put up with this pain for the rest of my life.


Anonymous said...

Think we all know what you mean by amputation of the offending part! It will go away ~ eventually. Hope you enjoy the ride on the borrowed bike!

tharr said...

Anonymous, this pain with my left hand and ring finger has been going on 5 -6 weeks now. At first it just hurt, now after this long it's really starting to annoy me.
I'm so ready to ride a little bit this week. Darel has 6 bikes, he has been after me to take the XR out, it needs to go for a ride. lol

Lana said...

Sorry about the bike. We all read things that we think make sense and end up costing us money in the end. Don’t feel too bad about it. Now, you can warn others so in the end, at least you are keeping someone from making a costly mistake. Hopefully, you can get on your bike soon. I came imagine you biking at 80 but you might be using a scooter – one of those Hovercrafts – sorry I had to – at least I made you laugh.

The finger thing – that is a typical RA thing. I have it and I have heard a lot of people complain about it (through Arthritis Connect). My index finger is most affected on my right hand and I feel the pain all the way into the top of my hand. You still have to use the finger – you know to hold on to the Hovercraft-I mean dirt back and do other things so amputation won’t really fix the problem – it will only frustrate you more. Anyway, just trying to help. :-) Again, at least you laughed.

tharr said...

Lana, if I ever become disabled and have to get one of those, you know I'm putting a motorcycle engine it! Man, I can see the looks on the faces of my neighbors already. lol

This finger thing started while I was up in Minneapolis on the third day up there. The temp had dropped from the upper 70's to 52 overnight with rain and a 30 mph north wind. I thought it was just going to be a temporary thing from the cold and damp conditions while there.

Anonymous said...

Take the XR, Buy it if you break it, he knows you are good for it, he wouldn't offer it otherwise. Just accept it and enjoy the ride.
Sounds like a nice motor, give us a report. Top ends are better than bottom ends, hope the damage is minimal. My knees are still crap, I did manage to get a doe last Saturday with the bow so now I can study for my mid term tomorrow. Get out and ride.
Phil Syracuse

tharr said...

Phil, I have the XR safely in the shop right now, we are supposed to get storms later tonight. I have already been around the neighborhood on it. Quite a bit heavier than my KTM, but the torque this thing has is off the charts!
Sorry to hear about the knees. Getting a deer with a bow is awesome, you da man! I'd rather play than study for a mid term, good luck with it.

Squirrel said...

Must be really frustrating to be 'grounded' for 4 weeks. Hope you have a great ride when you borrow the bike. Is there anything you can do to splint or wrap the finger with to get it more comfortable?

tharr said...

Squirrel, it has been! Just got back from a great ride out by myself. I had thought of a finger splint ... only hurts when I bend it. Have fun in Berlin, if you do something you shouldn't, just make there's not a camera there! lol