Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back Home

I was approached a few weeks ago at work about going to a training class for flexo printing.  For those not familiar with flexo, it is a form of printing that transfers ink via a laser etched ceramic anilox roller to a photopolymer plate.  There's much more to it, but I won't bore you with my work life.  I originally told them no, that due to my RA, I could not ride in a vehicle that far.  I had just barely got those words out of my mouth when they said, "we're flying".  Oh, ... well then I'm in.   

We flew out early Tuesday morning and had a good flight to Dallas, then a good flight from Dallas to Minneapolis, if you don't count the last 15 minutes.  There was a ton of turbulence approaching Minneapolis and the 737 was dropping, then rising, pitching from one side to the other, then BAM ... we slam down on the runway hard and they reverse the engines harder than I've ever experienced throwing people forward testing their seat belts out.  Later in the car to the hotel I asked one of the supervisors, "did we land or were we shot down?"  He nearly hit the car in front of because he was laughing so hard, he didn't see it slowing down.

The class was good, the print lab was cool, the first 2 days the weather was amazing but the last 2 days were cold and raining.  I hurt a lot the last 2 days and it reminded me of the upcoming winter weather benefits that our RA and OA give us.  

We went to a Twins post season game (the new stadium was awesome), the Mall of America (not a shopper but had to see the amusement park and walk through aquarium), ate seafood at Stella's and they had 2 guys from Deadliest Catch there signing autographs (no, I didn't get one),  went by First Avenue (club used in Purple Rain - amazing all of the bands that have preformed here, a ton of music history).  I love live music and the shows they have coming up made me want to stay there.  I didn't really know what to expect from Minneapolis, but came away impressed with how nice and friendly everyone was and how exceptionally clean the town was.  We walked a lot (to add to my RA and OA pain) and I can't recall a single piece of trash on the sidewalk or street at any time.  It was well worth going and hurting over.  

I'm back home and resting now, trying to let my RA ease back up on me.  OK, actually I'm just waiting for the grass to dry so I can start mowing and trimming today.  Hope everyone has a good and pain free week. 


Wren said...

Glad you enjoyed the trip to Minneapolis, Terry, even if the RA did give you particular hell. That landing just confirms my feelings about flying -- jeez, I hate it. I do it, but I hate it.

Hope the rheuma gives you a break in time for the lawn mowing and yard work. Hang in there, friend. ;o)

mary said...

Glad you enjoyed Minneapolis. Sounds like it may be worth a visit.
Wanted to let you know I did a 75 mile bike ride this weekend. The century option was out of the question because it was so darn hot here. It was a little rough at the start but pushed through the first 20 miles and my joints settled to a tolerable pain level. Thanks for your encouragement last month. Oh and screw you RA!!! You may have beat me last year but I win this year!!! Thanks Terry

tharr said...

Wren, it was a whirl wind as soon as we got there. I could have been easier on myself but I didn't want to miss out on what my group was going to do. The weather was out of my control though.

I really like flying, but this was by far the roughest landing I have ever been through.

tharr said...

Mary, I'm so proud of you, 75 miles is awesome!! I don't know how you did it. The weather has been crazy everywhere.

Thats right, screw you RA!! Thanks for sharing that, talk about an inspiration! Hope you don't hurt much in the next few days.

Cathy said...

I am glad you had a good trip. It is nice to get away sometimes, even if it is for work. We went to this mall once a long time ago. It is fun to see. Have a great week!

Squirrel said...

Nice pics, thanks for sharing! Sounds like you had fun despite the RA piping up. Sometimes it's just nice to get a change of scenery to lift our spirits!

tharr said...

Cathy, it was great getting away even though it was work. We didn't slow down (except to sleep) until we flew back home. A 4 story mall with an amusement park in the center of it was something to see.

Squirrel, as Mike says, my jackass friend RA decided to show up and tried to ruin it for me. I wasn't about to let a little pain keep me from enjoying the trip though. The only thing I didn't do was ride the roller coaster that loops upside down. My feet, knees, ankles, hips, hands, wrists and right shoulder were hurting. Looking back, I should have rode it, wasn't much left to start hurting was there?

Living It, Loving It said...

You sound like me it comes to traveling but I do it anyway. I am going to be involved in a RA awareness project and I have to fly to California either before the holidays or after (details still being worked out). Turbulence isn’t pretty – one of the reasons I hate flying.

The drastic change in weather is making my body pain central but I think that our medications make things a bit easier. Last year, about November, I started Humira, and by that time, my RA was unbearable. Thank God for Humira! Especially with winter rearing its ugly head.

My son wants to go to the Mall of America because they have Nickelodeon Universe – someday…. Minneapolis is the cleanest city in the county – I read that recently so that explains a lot. Welcome home and now it is time to rest.

tharr said...

Lana, I love to fly, but this particular landing was the worst one I've been through. Have fun in California. The weather changes have been wreaking havoc on my joints. About the only things that didn't hurt by the time I got back home were my elbows and left shoulder. I'm glad you found Humira, I hope it continues to work for you for a long time. The Mall of America was pretty cool, Minneapolis is a town that I would like to visit again. I have rested the last 2 days by mowing and trimming my 3 acre yard and weeding and cleaning out 3 large flower beds. Tomorrow I'm riding. : )