Wednesday, August 18, 2010

In Lieu Of Flowers

I would like to start off by saying thank you to everyone who leaves comments and words of encouragement for me.  This is not an easy disease to live with, the day to day ups and downs, the pain, fatigue and sometimes depression that comes along with it.  I just want you to know that it means a lot to me having the support of fellow bloggers and followers.

I feel considerably more like the old me (not the pre RA me though) this week and have even started working out with weights and walking again daily.  I'm starting off slowly, careful not to hurt what little bit of muscle that I have left.  I know that exercise is important for us, but between my RA and OA pain and fatigue, I just couldn't make myself.  I hate feeling that badly, I really enjoy working out.  I will take my Humira shot shortly, in fact I have it laid out warming up now.  I cleaned my shop up yesterday, it seems so strange, after selling my KDX, just having one bike in the garage again.  I even felt good enough to crawl around on the shop floor yesterday greasing the spindles and drag link on my mower after changing oil in it.  No repercussions today from crawling around on my knees and back, that is a good sign.

I sit here this morning with my maps and computer putting a ride together for this fall.  I know you can tell that I am feeling better now, the last three weeks I haven't felt like or cared about riding.  This will be a 2 day, possibly a 3 day ride that I am looking at.  I have thought of some of it and borrowed parts of it from fellow adventure riders.  A rough estimate, as of now, is 350 - 400 miles.  My RA gets pretty grouchy at anything over 130 miles a day, but if we have to do it in 2 days ... count me in.  The ride will include 3 old bridges for my other blog, one of them is a swinging bridge for vehicles that is still in operation, at least 3 swinging bridges to walk across, a ghost town on the Buffalo River and a 25 minute ferry ride that will depart on the Arkansas side of the lake and drop us off on the Missouri side.
For another ride after the weather breaks, I have learned of a Bowstring truss bridge that was built in 1874.  It would be a one day ride ... a long one day ride.  It is abandoned with about 30 % of the deck missing, but it will be a find, that is if I can find it.  Bowstring truss bridges are extremely rare now plus it was built in the 1800's.  

I saw an obituary last week where the family said "in lieu of flowers, please contribute to the campaign of anyone running against Obama in 2012".  LOL  Now that's funny, I don't care who you are!


Living It, Loving It said...

RA is difficult Terry but this support from fellow RA’ers makes all the difference in the world. I thought you were saying goodbye to blogging for moment there. What a relief! I am glad the Humira is helping. You have fun on your ride and hopefully RA stays away. (Crossing my fingers for you and praying.) The Obama joke is funny. I have not been keeping up with the popularity ratings but I thought he was doing okay. He often shocks me with the daytime TV stints he does.

Wren said...

It's wonderful to hear that you're doing so much better right now, Terry. RA is such a strange and frustrating disease--I always wonder what makes it behave so differently from day to day and even, sometimes, from hour to hour.

GREAT that you're planning more trips, and that big, two-day trek sounds just fabulous. The second bridge photo -- is that a swing bridge? Ummm... you'd have to pay me a lot to WALK across that, let alone drive a car across it. I bet it's not for cars. Right? RIGHT?

Fingers are crossed (okay, just eyes, since fingers are too sore today) that the Humira continues to help you feel more like yourself. Kudos to you for getting to the gym, too. That can only do you good. I need to get back to exercising myself. I always find good excuses, though. Too hot. I'm too sore. I'm ... too busy. Tomorrow, I'll go tomorrow... heh. Better to just do it.

Wishing the best for you, as always. Remember the gifts. :o)

tharr said...

Lana, didn't mean to scare you. I don't say it much (not sure if I ever have), just wanted everyone to know that I do appreciate all of you.
I think we will try the long ride toward the end of September.

tharr said...

Wren, you're so right. It is frustrating living with RA day to day.
The first bridge is a swinging vehicular bridge, the second is just to walk across. They are fun, at least to me, to walk across as they sway up and down as well as sideways.
I love working out and it feels good to be getting a program started back. Thanks.

mary said...

Really glad you’re starting to feel better. It always helps to have something coming up that you’re looking forward to. RA ebbs and flows but if we're lucky it stays away for the things we have planned. I have 2 long bike rides planned for the fall. RA is a bit rough right now but I am holding out for a good turn around so I can ride. Hope runs eternal. I will ride and from the sound of it I believe you will too.

tharr said...

Thanks Mary. We plan out some of our rides, but never one this long with as much interesting places to stop at along the way. I used to love fall rides on my bicycle, there were 2 centuries that I rode for several years in the fall. I know we both will ride and enjoy the fall weather, even if we have to push ourselves a little to do it. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Lisa said...

Hi Terry,
I found the link to your page on RA Warrior. I also have RA and am taking MTX & Humira.
My husband and I have 40 acres of land north of Reno, NV that backs on to BLM. If ever you are out west with your bikes and would like a good 'base camp' with immediate access to miles of trails please contact me. I am on facebook, Lisa Glavish. I should be easy to find as the name is uncommon. I wish you a good day :)

tharr said...

Hello Lisa, glad you found me, sorry you have RA though. I would hate to face this disease without the drugs we have available today, Humira seems to be working reasonably well for me.
Thanks for the invite, that is awesome. We have never been farther than Colorado riding, so if we decide to head out that way, I will contact you. Thanks for the invite and hope you will drop back in.

Kelly said...

Can't wait to see how the big ride turns out this fall! I'm so glad you can even dream of doing it. Getting a bicycle is on my top 10 list if my RA ever responds to tx. Used to spend whole days in the woods on a bike in the fall - pedal powered.

I just sent a guy here who's looking for a guy w/ RA. I always wish I could see their faces when they see your awesome blog. Probably not what they expect. :D

tharr said...

Kelly, it's starting to cool down here finally. I think we are looking at the end of Sept to the first of October for the 2-3 day ride. I used to love riding bicycles, I had a criterium frame Cannondale road bike along with a Diamondback and a Cannondale mountain bike. I always took one of my mountain bikes to the motorcycle races with us. I would love to be able to ride with little to no pain now.

Thanks for sending anyone my way. And thanks for the compliment.