Sunday, July 11, 2010

An Awesome Day

Briefly, I am feeling better after using Humira.  Still hurt, blah, blah, blah, but I am feeling like working out with weights, walking, working is not as hard on me plus since switching 3 weeks ago, I have made two 200+ mile rides.  The down side is that I now have a sinus and ear infection so no MTX or Humira this week.  It's bad when you're disappointed that you can't give yourself a shot!  That first one at the rheumatologist hurt like a big dawg.  The thought of having to take another injection of Humira was about as exciting as a girl finding out she had a blind date with Joran van der Sloot.  After a couple of injection tips, my last injection did not hurt much at all. 

Had a great 207 mile ride this last week.  Rather than talk about it, I'll let some photos do the talking.  
Too many trails ... too little time.
Making adjustments while waiting on Tim.
Swimming hole that not very many people ever see.
View of one of the mountains we rode.
Darel moving down a trail.
Stopped to eat at Belleville diner ... food was excellent.
Old barn at Belleville.
Spring Lake Dam.  Hand laid stone built in the 20's.
Tim and Randall walking across the top of the dam.
Got caught in a severe thunderstorm just before getting to the top 
of Mount Magazine (highest point in Arkansas).
We took shelter in a pavilion at the top of Mount Magazine.

We had 155 miles in at this point with a lot of good riding ahead.  However, my camera batteries committed suicide leaving the rest of my ride to be remembered by my febile little brain.


Living It, Loving It said...

I wondered where you were hiding Terry. It looks like you had fun. The Spring Lake Dam photo is my favorite.

Just a warning, the sinus/ear infection is a result of your compromised immune system. That goes away with time. I had three infections in a three month period, each one not as worse as the previous and then, they stopped. I asked my rheumatologist and she told that Humira suppresses the immune system and is therefore associated with minor infections of the urinary tract, respiratory tract and sinuses. It goes away with time but it is a side effect. You can go back on the Humira after you start to feel better, usually a week.

Good to see you are dealing with your RA. It becomes part of your daily routine, after all, and it does not mean it should stop you from living your life either.

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry! What a great bunch of photos -- and what beautiful places you rode through! I'm so glad that the Humira seems to be working for you, though I'm sorry you've ended up with a sinus/ear infection. Hope Lana is right and that your body will eventually create its own defenses as it gets used to the Humira.

It's wonderful that you're feeling so well!

tharr said...

Hey Lana, I had an extremely busy week last week. I didn't intend on taking the week off from blogging, thats just how it turned out. I loved Spring Lake, it was a beautiful, well kept lake. It was almost like stepping back in time to the Andy Griffith-Mayberry days.

Thanks for the info on Humira. I expected it, just not so soon. I dealt with infections while on Enbrel also. I plan on shooting up this week.

Good advice ... we have to deal with it, thats who we are now, but I refuse to stop living because of it.

tharr said...

Wren, thanks. Tim took Randall, Darel and myself on a 140 mile ride that was about 80% new stuff to all 3 of us, even though we ride all around where we went.

I am optimistic that I will continue to feel better in the next 6 weeks. I trust Lana, she has used Humira for a few months now and has already given me a couple of pointers about the injections.