Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Now At The Plate... Humira

I have not felt very good over the last couple of weeks, my RA pain has remained high. That has brought me to a new chapter in my fight against RA ... Humira. I took my first Humira injection at the doctors office this afternoon. It hurt like a big dawg! The good news is, it will just be one injection every other week, so if it helps me, I will be fine with the injections. I am hoping that I will feel good again by fall. I would love to feel good enough to do a 300 mile ride this fall with Randall, Race and Darel.

Even though I have been hurting, I have remained happy inside. Happiness is a choice, not a condition. There are many things that make me happy, from a simple hi and smile from a stranger to expensive, self indulgent toys (usually motorcycle related for me). I'm often happiest amid chaos* at work or home, not because I love chaos, but because I choose to not let it win. Chaos keeps my mind focused on a real problem and away from my everyday pain that I live with.

A partial list of what makes me happy would include:
• Getting to spend time with my daughter.
• A call from an old friend.
• Going to the beach with Donna. 

• A thunderstorm coming in.
• Coming home to be greeted/attacked by our dogs.
• Riding/working on my motorcycle.
• Cranking some rock or blues up til the windows in the house rattle.
• Any day that my RA pain eases up.

*Footnote: Every time I hear the word chaos, I think of Get Smart. My dad and I loved watching that show.


Anonymous said...

I sure hope the Humira will ease your pain and slow down your RA, Terry. VERY glad to hear that you got to start taking it, even if it hurts like a ________. As you said, if it works, it's worth it. Will you have to self-inject?

I've got my fingers crossed for you (toes and eyes, too) that your RA symptoms will be so much improved by fall that you can do that 300-mile ride with your friends. AND get through each workday without being in a fog of pain. The very idea makes me shudder -- I've been there, and I'm very glad that my RA is so much milder this time around. Wow.

Thinking of you and sending wamth, patience and courage your way. Don't go tangling with any tornadoes, please? ;o)


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Humira club! I pray that it brings you much needed relief. The injections do sting like no other!

Living It, Loving It said...

Terry, you can ice the area to numb it prior to giving yourself your injection. I give myself my own injections so I am sure your doctor will hand over the ranks to you. Good luck with the Humira, it has been good to me thus far.

“Happiness is a choice, not a condition. “ I like that.

Squirrel said...

Wow I love your positive attitude! I'm a real pessimist so I need to learn from you. I really hope the humira sorts things out!

Cathy said...

I love this post.

My mom, who is almost 70 and has severe fibromyalgia, took off for a ten day trip to England this week. She may end up using a wheelchair but has decided there are too many things in life she wants to accomplish to let pain get in the way.

We do have choices, you are so right. I hope the Humira is a success because although we have the choice to be happy, it definitely is easier when we aren't in a lot of pain. Thanks for making me smile today with your list.

Laurie Grassi said...

Good for you! I hope the Humira works – let us know if the icing takes the sting away or at least lessens it. Haha re chaos!! Way to take on the world!!

:) L

tharr said...

Thanks Wren, I am hoping the Humira will return me to a semi-normal life. The storms have been pretty quiet lately. Haven't had a good one in 2 weeks now.

Andrew, thanks for the welcome, and thanks for the prayers. I had read as well as heard from others that the injections stung, but I wasn't expecting it to hurt quite like it did. I'm just a big wimp. lol

tharr said...

Lana, thanks for the advice about the ice pack. I'm on my own from here on out, they just wanted to run me through using the pen injector once since I had not used the pen with my Enbrel injections. Here's hoping that Humira helps us both for a long time.

Hey Squirrel, thanks. It helps me to stay positive and not let anything bother me (easier said than done somedays). Any type of stress seems to trigger my RA pain.

tharr said...

Cathy, thank you. I love your mom's attitude, and good for her (I'm sure you'll worry about her though). I have several things on my bucket list, that might be a future post someday. Glad I could make you smile today.

tharr said...

Laurie, I will. I'm kinda anxious to see how well it works myself. I have a confession to make ... I don't really take on the world, but that sounds good! I just fend off chaos in my own little tiny section of the world.

Kelly said...

Hey Terry. That was my first RA treatment (w/mtx of course). I told ya'll it hurts. For 2 1/2 yrs, I took those shots - weekly. It was the best Biologic so far. I got about 2 days a week where I had about a 40% improvement - I could plan to leave the house those days or whatever I needed to do. Doc even said I could go back to it one day since nothing else works. I really hope it helps you even more than that, Terry. Take care.

tharr said...

Kelly, I forgot to mention it, but I am taking MTX with the Humira as well. It definitely hurts! I am taking them every other week so it won't be too bad. Thanks Kelly. How are you doing with the Orencia?