Monday, June 21, 2010

Maintenance Project

After switching to Humira 10 days ago, I am feeling better. I still take five 2.5mg Methrotrexate weekly as well as two 1mg Folic Acid daily in addition to the HUmira. I am still very stiff in the morning until I get a hot shower and move around a little bit. At work, I am feeling better with the switch as well. The only thing I noticed that it has not helped with is getting down on my knees (for the bottom 2 print decks on the press) and even worse is trying to get back up out of the floor. Big time pain plus I look about as graceful as a rhinoceros on roller skates. Still have some mild swelling, but overall my fatigue is better. I am very pleased with the results so far, but I secretly hope that I continue to see improvement. If I do continue to get better, Randall and I have some wild rides that we are going to attempt this fall.

One ride that we are looking at doing, whether I get better or not, is we are going to have Race drop us off around Tyler, Texas with our bikes, backpacks and duffle bags strapped to the bikes. We can ride from Texas, through Oklahoma, back into Arkansas (mostly all on dirt roads and trails) stopping to spend the night somewhere around Broken Bow, Oklahoma or DeQueen, Arkansas. Then head out the next morning and ride into the Ouachita National Forrest and then head on home. This would be somewhere around 330 miles for the 2 days, I could make that ride right now.

I am doing some much needed maintenance on the KTM this week on my days off, so I am not going to ride this week. But my bike should be happy with me, new bearings in the swingarm, a new heim joint bearing in the rear shock, tearing the front end off and greasing the steering head bearings, a new shift shaft seal and redoing some electrical wiring. After all of that, throw in some fresh oil and filters and a clean air filter and I will have a happy bike for a while.

An additional note: After working on my bike most of the day today, my hands and wrists hurt from hammering bearings out, then new ones back in. I cut my index finger on my left hand stripping wire back. Also, the constant use of a ratchet and socket today has left my wrists feeling hammered . It is discouraging that I can't even work on my bike without hurting. I am going to get cleaned up, apply some Voltaren Gel to my hands and wrists, kick back and watch a movie. After all, I may be hurting, but I'm smiling inside ... I got a big ass maintenance list taken care of today!


Laurie Grassi said...

Hey Tharr,
Glad the Humira seems to be working for you. Hope things get even better! :) L

tharr said...

Thanks Laurie. I'm optimistic that the Humira will work ... of course, I was optimistic that Orencia was going to work for me also.

Squirrel said...

There's nothing to do but be optimistic. The other option doesn't help anything... Im glad you're seeing improvement and I'm sure you'll get your bike sorted in no time!

Cathy said...

If you look anything like me trying to get up off the floor than I have to laugh at you. It is hilariously sad.

I am glad you are feeling some relief. Keep feeling optimistic. Maybe this is the magic you have been waiting for.

tharr said...

Squirrel, you're right. I am optimistic ... most of the time. lol

Have my bike back together now. Going out for a short test ride in a couple of minutes. Already have a good ride mapped out for next week.

tharr said...

Cathy, everyone that I work with knows me and have seen me wince at the pain as I try to get up off of the floor. So, they don't laugh or give me a hard time (except for Randall), but if we have visitors coming through the department, I wait until they're gone before doing my rhino on skates act. lol I laugh about it, but it is painful.

Living It, Loving It said...

Great news about the Humira!!! Cut yourself? :( I hate how often I hurt myself because of my lack of balance and coordination that has only gotten worse in the last year. I am going on six months with Humira. I hope that I cotinue to feel good with Humira, and perhaps get better. I never want to go back to the pre-Humira days. They were ugly to say the least.

tharr said...

Hey Lana, I know. The crazy thing, I didn't even feel it when I cut it. Grabbed a wire connector, turned back around and there was blood all over the wiring. Upon further examination, I discovered it was me (I was the only one in the shop - just some CSI talk), I had a cut just over an inch long on my index finger.

I've got to say thanks again for the ice pack on the injection site tip. Tried it this morning and it cut the pain down about 50%. What other tricks you know??