Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Free Ride

Something really strange has happened since switching from Orencia to Humira last week.  I am feeling better already.  I know deep down that I can not be feeling better from just one injection, and that has me asking some questions.  Is this just a temporary reprieve from my RA pain that would be occurring regardless of what medicine I was taking, and if that is the case, am I going to continue to hurt on the Humira like I did while taking Orencia?  I am not overly concerned about it at this point, after all I have been hurting with very little help from the meds for over a year now.  I am just enjoying the free ride while I have it.  I am not pain free by any means, but my pain level has come down considerably.  Also at work last week, I didn't hurt quite as bad as I have been hurting.
I went on a 203 mile ride with Randall today.  I was feeling great until we hit a place I shall affectionately call the rock farm.  It was 6.8 miles long and it was literally nothing but rock on top of rock.  I kept up with Randall for the first couple of miles but soon, my hands hurt so bad, I let him go and rode the section at a slower pace trying to reduce vibration and shock to my hands. After that, we rode to Three Sticks, Oklahoma.  It's ok, I had never heard of it either.  Not much there except a monument.  We read the plaque on the monument and still aren't sure why it is there.  Got hooked up on some ridiculously fast fire road, see the photo of the trees growing out over the road ... 60+ mph, then later found two iron truss bridges for my other blog.  Awesome day even throwing in riding the rock farm.
I am hurting mildly now, hands, feet and knees mostly.  I am anxiously awaiting my next injection of Humira next week.  Lana gave me a tip for numbing the injection site briefly before the injection.  


Cathy said...

This is what happened to me after less than two weeks on methotrexate when I know it takes longer to work in the body. However, I keep feeling good,not pain/stiff free either, but enough of an improvement that I am celebrating. Yay for you!

I wonder too since you already have another drug in your system if it helps the Humira to start taking over where the other left off right away. Could that be possible?

Living It, Loving It said...


I noticed the effect of Humira right away as well – within a few days after the first injection so it is not some high you are having. Be aware of the side effects which usually fade after the second dose. (The worst kind of dizziness/high you will ever have in your life.) However, after 4 months on Humira, I still have “bad” days but they are not as bad as the days before Humira. Most of pain is in my wrists, hands, fingers, ankles, feet, and toes. I used to have the worst all over body pain – every joint in my body would ache. Resting didn’t help. Moving didn’t either. But those days are behind me.

Yes, numbing the injection site will help. You will get used to the stinging after awhile. You should also take it out of the fridge and wait ten minutes to use it because that will help with the burning as well (As you know, I am walking encyclopedia of information about arthritis.) I used to have burning pain for ten minutes after the injection but now, I brave it without numbing the area and I only have pain until I take the needle out (Supermom) because doing the injection for me has become so routine. The good thing about Humira is that you can do your own injections.

203 miles is awesome riding, my friend. Bravo!!! I have a hard time staying still for a half hour so I am not sure I can sit long enough to enjoy a long ride like that.

tharr said...

Cathy, any relief is welcome isn't it. Glad that you are feeling better. I'm not smart enough to answer your question, but it does sound logical.

Lana, I was excited when I started reading your comment. Then I read the second sentence, the one about the side effects after the second injection. Its good to know that you are feeling better overall after 4 months.
I used to let the Enbrel warm up before I would do my injection. Thanks for the tips.

mary said...

I really enjoy reading you blog. I mostly lurk but thought I would drop you a comment about the Humira. Take it out of the fridge about 1/2 hour before you are going to use it. Generally, it will not sting if you do this. The nurse who trained me instructed me to do this. Good luck!! The Humira worked well for me for a good long while.

tharr said...

Hey Mary, glad you drop by and read my blog. Thanks for the tip, anything to help take the edge off of the injections is greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

GREAT that you went on a good, long ride, Terry! I googled Three Sticks, and it seems that the monument is fairly recent as monuments go (put up in the 60s) and that the three sticks stand for wood, soil, and water, all of which were exploited in that area for many years in the earlier part of the 20th century. There's not much more than that (the names of the guys who were instrumental in changing things, replanting the deforested areas, etc, and getting the monument built). The photos I found on google were pretty, too. That area seems to be a favorite for hiking, biking and motocycles.

Glad to hear that Humira seems to be working for you, and so quickly! That's just wonderful. My fingers are crossed that it stays that way, and you'll have a really good summer with lots of rides and lots of fun with family and friends.

Best to you,

tharr said...

Wren, I did the same thing (googled 3 sticks) when we got home. The plaque didn't offer much of an explanation. Or maybe its just that Randall and I have had so many concussions, that between us we have a half of a brain. We see people hiking from time to time, no one in their right mind would ride a mountain bike in there, its tough getting up some of the mountains on a motorcycle.