Monday, May 10, 2010

Tornadoes and A Doggie Door

There is a saying in Arkansas where I grew up that says "If you don't like the weather, stick around ... it will change".   In the last week we have had overnight lows down in to 38, highs ranging from 53 one day to 92 the next day, while experiencing everything from straight line winds over 60 mph, fog, hail and tornadoes that dropped just to our east  after passing over us.  This morning I had a ride planned, but awoke to 51 degrees with a 15 mph east wind ... and storms moving into the area that I was heading to ride at today.  Over the years, Mike, Randall and I have been caught out several times in severe storms and, it may be hard to believe but, a motorcycle in the woods is not very high on the list of safe places to be.  

So, since I was sitting around the house with nothing to do, I opted (a guy always has to have a back up plan) to install a doggie door for our two menaces.  Misty and Maggie, although they look sweet, can get on your last nerve somedays.  They never need to go to potty at the same time.  Oh, don't get me wrong, when one goes out, the other goes also .... just following the other one around.  Then when they both come back inside and everyone gets settled back down, in about twenty minutes, the other one decides that she needs to go potty now.  They can play this game for hours!  All went pretty well considering you are sitting there starring at a $250 storm door asking yourself, "do I really want to take my drill and sabre saw to this door?"  The dogs are using it already and Maggie actually loves it.  Misty is a little more timid about new things, but she will get used to it.  As you can see from the photos below, they don't walk through it ... they both jump through it.
My RA is starting to behave better now, after 7 months of Orencia.  It is an odd development, I am by no means pain free, but I do feel better than I did this time last year.  However, there are some things that hurt me more than they did last year.  I am working out with weights, but feel weaker than I did last year.  It hurts me to ride my motorcycle on rough trail now (my favorite terrain), it hurts more to use a weedeater this year and I am having more trouble walking down stairs.  I'm not complaining, it's just the latest update on how RA is constantly changing my life.  We all experience it, we all know that our life we try to live will deteriorate from RA, but it doesn't make it any easier to deal with as it is unfolding before you.  Perhaps Mike summed it up best on his last post,  "My jackass friend RA is still hanging around".

Oh, by the way, it is 8 pm and we are waiting on more storms coming our way tonight.  There is a tornado on the ground 50 miles west of us now.  Looks like another stormy night.


Leslie said...

Ohh I love the doggy door. I said if I ever get another dog I will have to have a doggy door! Makes things much easier I'm sure! Spring is such a weird time in our part of the world huh? Temps are all over the place and don't get me started on the barometric pressure! I heard on the news this morning where OK had five funnel clouds yesterday? We had several tornadoes pass through AR last week ...thankfully they were all north of me! Keep safe and enjoy your doggy door!

tharr said...

Hey Leslie, I think the doggie door is going to be a good investment. Just as long as we don't have any unwanted guests come into the house.

It was a wild night for a little while. There were 16 tornadoes last night in Oklahoma. They had one on the ground just 30 miles west of us. The storm had tracked in a straight line east, from OKC toward us, and at 30 miles west of us turned slightly north and just missed us. 5 dead and a ton of damage in Oklahoma.

Anonymous said...

You're so smart to stay in when the storms come, Terry. Glad you DO that and don't try to be MachoMan when the sky turns dark.

I MISSED this post somehow! Your dogs are so cute! And yes, they CAN be a pain in the rear. We don't have a doggy door, but I think this may be a good answer for Finny, too. Still working on the house training with him. He's ALMOST got it, but sometimes I guess the urge hits and it's between walks, and he just doesn't quite GET that he needs to tell me somehow. A doggy door might solve the problem. Of course, we still need to get the fences fixed. It's on Mr Wren's list, somewhere near the bottom. I must work on him. heheh.

Hope you can get out for a ride soon, and glad to hear that even if the RA is changing, you're feeling better overall. That's GOOD news. :)