Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Storm Predictions

It was a wild night for a little while.  There were 16 tornadoes last night in Oklahoma.  The storm had tracked in a straight line east, from Oklahoma City toward our front door, there was a tornado on the ground 50 miles out and another at 30 miles west of us.  This morning there are six confirmed dead and a ton of damage in Oklahoma. 

As I sit here this morning, I am amazed at the system now in place for alerts and warnings ahead of time compared to when I was growing up.  When I was growing up, everyone was basically on their own.  My dad was always on top of any severe weather, he had been in a tornado when he was young.  We had a storm cellar and used it frequently while I was growing up.  

As a teenager, I was playing baseball one night in Springdale.  The game was called due to lightning moving in.  On the way home, dad was listening to the radio and there was no mention of storms.  By the time we arrived home, across town in Springdale, a tornado had leveled 5 blocks of homes and businesses.  This was only a mile from the ball field where I had just been playing.
I applaud the efforts of everyone involved for being able to detect and predict storms ahead of time now.  I heard about the threat of severe storms moving in Monday, on Saturday's weather forecast.  That is 2 full days advance warning that something might happen. Not to try to scare people, just letting them know to keep an eye out Monday ... something could happen.  And it did.   Last night I was watching live radar feeds on the internet, watching tv reports and had my scanner set to the weather spotters frequency.  For a while it looked like we were going to take the storm head on, but thankfully it turned and just went north of us.  


Living It, Loving It said...

Sixteen tornados! What a scary ordeal. We get tornados here but not often. We have been losing power because of the bad weather for the past few days. A friend of mine who used to live in Oklahoma told me it was tornado season all year round. It makes me you think of a Sci-fi movie or something but there is not much we can do about acts of nature unfortunately. I have had that May is the worst month for tornados in Oklahoma with March, April and June trailing. You are right - the ability of the weather persons and equipment definitely helps to save lives. Stay safe.

Leslie said...

sorry you guys were hit so hard...I hate them! Our state had a bad week last week with multiple tornadoes and damage. Glad you are safe!

tharr said...

Hey Lana, yeah it was sort of tense for a little while last night. Most of the tornadoes dropped out of the supercell that was heading towards us. They also had some up around the Oklahoma/Kansas border.

tharr said...

Leslie, I hate to see anyone home or business get destroyed by storms. I know that Arkansas got hit last week. My parents live in NW Arkansas. Thanks, and you keep dodging them also.

Anonymous said...

Terry, so sorry to hear of the tornadoes in OK and very glad you and yours are all right. Those things must be terrifying -- and what a bummer after waiting for so long for the cold weather to end, only to get tornado season! Best to you and hope you're feeling good!

Kelly said...

Hey Terry, Wow to those photos.

tharr said...

Wren, I have grown up with them. Not scared of them, but respect them when they are headed toward us.

Kelly, the top photo was shot last week by Channel 5, a local news station. The second one is from a storm a couple of years ago.