Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Nice Little Getaway

Life at our house is pretty hectic ... there never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done, so the next day you are already starting behind from catching up with the balance from the previous day.  This is a vicious cycle that just continues to put you further behind, leaves you feeling like you can't accomplish anything and at times, even depresses you.  And we (at least I am) are content to play this game to the point you start asking yourself, why should I bother even getting out of bed today?  It's simply life in the present day that we live in. Still, you shouldn't feel overwhelmed at just trying to work, pay bills and keep your home looking nice.

Donna and I took a break from all of that last week.  We flew down to Fort Lauderdale and Donna had found a great place to stay right on the beach.  Our room was 100 feet from the ocean and had a huge, private balcony that overlooked the beach with a private stairway down to the beach.  We took three days and did nothing except lay on the beach and enjoy the ocean from our balcony.  It was the most relaxing vacation that I have ever been on.  The people there were so nice and laid back, it was almost like stepping back in time 30 or 40 years.  No one was in a hurry, everyone spoke and took time to talk with you.  We ate at a seafood restaurant named Aruba's that had live Jamaican music then walked out to the end of the pier and watched ships going out and coming in.  Our last night, we stayed out on the beach til 10 pm, then decided to push the two lounges together on the balcony, grabbed the comforter and slept outside on the balcony listening to the waves crash in on the beach. On our way back to the airport the next afternoon, we found a lighthouse that we had kept seeing the beacon from and drove through Pompano Beach.  I'm not sure what these people do for a living, but I'm pretty sure it's illegal!! 
Two years ago, I had to go to the ER due to sun and heat exposure reaction with my RA meds.  I used SPF 40 liberally.  I was pretty red after the first day, but managed to stay out of the hospital and have a nice brown tan now.  This was a real concern for me going down there, I didn't want to get to the beach and have to stay inside the room.  Even though it was in the mid 80's, the spray off of the ocean kept the temperature cooled down.  In fact, we left the sliding glass door (to the balcony) open almost the entire time we were there.  The temperature was perfect.

We got back home Monday night at 9 pm and by 9:30 pm I had my bike and gear loaded up to go ride.  Randall and I didn't know where we going, but wound up riding a cool little (160 miles) loop that included stopping by an abandoned  iron truss bridge for my other blog.  Randall rode almost half way across before he realized how bad shape it was in. 
I called him Evil Knievel the rest of the day.  Speaking of Evil, one of my favorite quotes he made was something to the effect of  "I've been in a treatment center for drinkin'. I stayed for two days, then escaped." There will never be another Evil.  We rode on into a little town to grab a snack and ran across two older gentlemen on Harley's.  After talking with them a few minutes, I asked them, "where are you headed to?" One of them looked at me and replied "I don't know".  I said "that's what's great about riding, it doesn't matter just as long as you're riding" and before I could finish the other one said exactly.  They were best friends and had been riding together most of their life ... kinda like Randall and I.


Anonymous said...

Now THAT sounds like a great, short vacation, Terry. I'm so pleased that you were able to enjoy the sun and relax, and have a decent break from pain, too. And THEN you rode 160 miles on your bike and found another cool bridge. You're doing a great job of getting on with living in spite of your RA. Reading between the lines you wrote, I feel your simple joy and satisfaction in doing so.

Thanks for this wonderful post. I needed a lift, and you gave it to me. Wishing you the best as the summer opens up before us,

Cathy said...

This sounds absolutely perfect. Yay for you! Thanks for sharing some photos.

Laurie Grassi said...

What a wondeful trip, Tharr!! How great to get away for a time and what an amazing place from the sounds of it! Hope the relaxing feeling lasts for a good long time! :) L

tharr said...

Wren, it was the first relaxing vacation that we've ever had. Actually came back from a vacation feeling rested instead of rundown. Thanks for the kind words.

Cathy, it was so nice. Especially sleeping out on the balcony listening to the ocean.

tharr said...

Hey Laurie, it was great, hope to go back and do the same thing next year. As far as the relaxing feeling lasting long ... I went back to work today and it's already gone. Oh well, at least I had that feeling for a few days.

Living It, Loving It said...

This often what I deal with having such a busy life but I stopped feeling depressed. Things can always wait but living our life, spending time our loved, etc. – that cannot wait. We still have lives to live and people to love.

Good for you for taking a break. Those photos are heavenly. They made me sleeply.

You are right - there will never be another Evil Knievel (so stop trying RA rebel/superman).

Well I am glad you had a few days of rest.

tharr said...

Lana, it was without a doubt the most relaxing vacation that I have ever been on. I'm ready to go back this week. Evil was great, he definitely knew how to market himself.