Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a special day set aside to commemorate U.S. soldiers who died while in military service.  The Memorial Day speech has became an occasion for veterans, politicians and ministers to commemorate the war. Speeches have always been a mix of politics, religion and history, but provided a platform for Americans to understand the sacrifices taken to build a better nation.  There has been much criticism over President Obama not attending the Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington.  No, he is not the first president to not attend the ceremony, and although I am not an Obama supporter, I believe this has been blown out of proportion.  I am tired of the hate, anger and mistruths form both the left and the right, and it is american people who are the losers caught in the middle of all of this. Thirty years ago democrats and republicans could get along, in spite of their differences, because they loved this country.  I'm not so sure that this feeling exists anymore with the current crop of politicians.  I hope I am wrong.

My RA and OA have both been bothering me this last week.  It hurt just to move yesterday, didn't matter what I did, sit, stand, walk, squat, it all hurt the same yesterday.  Oh, and it was also one of those days where I couldn't hang on to anything.  I got a good nights rest and my pain is back down to a 4 or 5 this morning.  I am going to take it easy today, plan to mow and put in an air conditioner unit, and my next 2 days off I'm just going to rest.  

I hope everyone has a safe Memorial Day, and stop for a moment to give thanks to all who have helped keep us a free nation.


Living It, Loving It said...

I hope you are feeling better today Terry. I am dealing with some of the same issues.

Anonymous said...

Those were very nice words regarding Memorial Day, Terry. It's good to know that there are still many Americans who take at least a few minutes out of that nice Monday off work each year to think about the reason they get to have it. I'd like to see us do more -- maybe more public events at war memorials, or at least, better advertised -- but perhaps that's an old-fashioned thing and yes, I'm getting older and being a veteran, I'm just more sensitive about the whole thing.

Oops. Rambled off there. I hope today finds you feeling a lot better than you did yesterday, and that the rest of this shorter workweek will fly by without any new or additional pain.

How's your weather? Any more tornadoes?


tharr said...

Lana, I did feel better today. Still stiff and clumsy though. lol

Wren, there are still many of us (perhaps all old people) that do remember that Memorial Day is more than just the Indy 500 and Nascar's Coca-Cola 600 weekend. Not that I don't watch them, you know that I love racing, but I agree with you about more public and publicized events for our nations heros. Our weather pattern has been quiet since last Monday evening. We had 60 mph winds and hail, no tornadoes though.