Monday, April 26, 2010

Hands Hurting and Dozer

My hands and wrists have been hurting me a lot the last few weeks.  I have been using Voltaren Gel on them and it has helped, but only temporary relief.  I will get up to go to work the next day and after a few hours, they are hurting again.  It is frustrating, but there is not much that I can do about it  ... I guess.  Overall, I feel better than I did last year, so I will live with my wrists and hands hurting more.  I will live with the added pain, but it seems to me like we shouldn't have to.  I don't mean to trivialize an of these conditions, but if you have high blood pressure, you take a pill ... if you have heart problems, you get a pacemaker or a transplant ... if you have cancer, you have surgery and/or chemo.  Why is Rheumatoid Arthritis just pushed into the corner and forgot about when it comes to research?  Why is the medical profession content to just give us some drugs that will help mask the pain?  Well, that's enough whining about my condition.

I put in a 168 mile ride today.  It was a perfect day to be outside enjoying the great outdoors.  We found a fire watch tower and of all days, I forgot my camera.  We are going back though, we can go up in the tower on a Friday or Saturday.   My hands are hurting big time right now, but it was worth it.  
Dozer testing the feel out
Me laughing about something ... with Dozer there's no telling.
Dozer with his bike finished.

I ran across some photos taken last December when my buddy Dozer brought his Harley over to work on in my shop.  He replaced his handlebars with some ape hangers and we had to lengthen the cables out, which involved cutting all of the controls and re-soldering them.  Everything worked as soon as we put them on the bike, big sigh!  Anyway here are a couple of goofy photos, as you can see, Dozer is not someone you want to make angry.


Leslie said...

so sorry about your hands :( You just don't realize how much you use them until they hurt and are stiff! I love the pics :) I thought about you yesterday when I was on my way to my doc's office and saw an old iron bridge...It's in Texas though. Hope your days get better!

Laurie Grassi said...

Nice bike! I saw one outside my work yesterday that had wheels that looked like old sprockets or something – sorry I can't describe it better, but very cool!

Sorry to hear about your hands – that must be so frustrating. I hope they feel better soon.

:) L

Living It, Loving It said...

I am sorry to hear about your about your hands.

"Why is Rheumatoid Arthritis just pushed into the corner and forgot about when it comes to research? Why is the medical profession content to just give us some drugs that will help mask the pain?"

Whining? Dude, do you know how many times I have uttered (or wrote)those words. It comes and it goes, the pain days, I mean. Lately, it has been my feet and I can't sit down for long periods without the pain when I get up. So, as far as you whining,it is actually frustration against this disease and none of us can win.

Dozer looks like guy we shouldn't mess with. I am pretty sure he is a big teddy bear though.

tharr said...

Leslie, just read on your blog that you are doing much better. I'm glad.
I think I am going out to hunt down a bridge tomorrow, if time permits.

Laurie, DOzer has a sweet ride. But at nearly 800 lbs, I will stick to my 250 lb dirt bike. Don't want to get hammered by 800 lbs in a crash.

tharr said...

Lana, glad to hear that it's not just me thinking that way about the research for RA.

Sorry you have been hurting, my feet hurt all of the time, every day. I honestly can't remember what it felt like to get out of bed and walk across the floor without pain.

You're right, Dozer is a tough guy, but he has have a big heart. He watches out for my daughter like she were his. Last year, up at college (80 miles away), she had a room mate incident where the girls boyfriend was downloading video games off of my daughters connection in her dorm room. It got ugly for a couple of weeks and when Dozer found out about it, he wanted to go talk to her room mates boyfriend. There was not going to be any talking, Dozer was relieved of his law enforcement job for getting a little too rough with some of the drug folk!! lol

Anonymous said...

You may have talked about this before, but I just found your blog... do you use any gear or have you done anything to your bike to help with your hands? I ride a BMW F650GS which I'm told is a particularly buzzy bike (it's my first bike so I have no comparison myself) and gel-palm gloves do seem to reduce hand pain after a long ride. I also take heavy-duty ibuprofen before riding whether I'm hurting a little or a lot (never not hurting; you know what that's like!) Any other tips?

tharr said...

Welcome Jezzie, thanks for following my blog.

I wear some Thor gloves that have extra palm padding, my bike has the Renthal fat bars which which help a little bit with fatigue, also have found some really good triple density grips Progrips (model 790). I am thinking really hard about putting a set of Flexxbars on this summer. They are pricey ($350) but I have talked to several riders who use them and they say the bars really do work at reducing vibration and fatigue.
I don't usually take anything before a ride, due to the fact that I want to feel when my pain starts elevating. I know my limit, to cut a ride short if necessary, and have done so on a few occasions. I took some Tylenol Arthritis before a ride once and didn't hurt much through the ride, but was way past my limit. That sent me into a flare up that lasted for about 10 days. You will soon learn your limits, the main thing is just get out, have fun and be safe.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, great point about the ibuprofen, thank you. I will try to pay attention to that.

Thanks for all the suggestions, I will look into some of those options. The Flexxbars in particular are intriguing.

Oh yeah, I do a lot of touring, so my throttle rocker is definitely the best $15 I've spent since I got the bike... I'm not sure my wrists could handle riding without one. Not so useful off-road though.

Anonymous said...

There you go again, riding that motorcycle for miles and miles and miles over rough terrain ...


Terry, you're a one, you know? You just keep inspiring me. I write about piddly little 3-mile walks while you get out there and push yourself to the limit. You're an inspiration, my friend.

Still, I'm sorry your hands are hurting so much. It's miserable, I know, and extremely hard to distract one's self from or ignore. I hope they'll be feeling better soon. Feet too. I don't have that problem right now (knock wood) but I lived for six years in the early part of my RA with feet that felt like they'd been caned all night every single day. My heart goes out to you, even as I admire your gumption.

Hugs to you,

tharr said...

Wren, thank you for the kind words, but there is nothing piddly about a 3 mile walk! I am working my way back into walking (after the Orencia has started working), but I can't do 3 miles right now. The hands hurting is more of a mental distraction for me because they haven't hurt like this before. So, I am constantly thinking that it is the progression of RA that is taking more control of my hands away from me. Thanks