Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Great Day Yesterday

I had a really good day yesterday. By noon I had taken a full truck load of junk to the dump, repaired the fence behind the shop, mowed and weedeated behind the shop, replaced a broken door handle on one of the storm doors, replaced a dryer vent, changed oil in my KTM and played with the dogs outside (they love to play anytime, anywhere - but playing outside is special to them).  My RA is definitely making me pay for all of the bending, climbing and stooping yesterday. It was worth it, getting all of those little odd jobs cleaned up, but it hurts to walk, sit and stand from a seated position this morning. My OA in my knees is hurting worse than normal as well.

At 12:30 I stopped, went inside and got cleaned up. I was going out for an afternoon of bridge hunting and playing with Donna's new camera. It is a Canon EOS Rebel XSI. We found one abandoned bridge and one that is still in use. I have not shot a digital SLR before yesterday, and although the same concept applies with shutter speed, aperture and speed of lenses, it is quite a bit different from using a 35mm SLR. I quickly loved the camera, you have so much more physical control over a photo than using a point and shoot digital camera. We walked a lot as well as climbing up and down banks getting to the bridges, all in all a great day for bridges and a pretty decent day of walking.

Upon leaving the first bridge, we ran across something that I have never seen before. A cattle rancher had obviously had it with coyotes attacking his cattle, well over 100 head in his his herd that we saw. In retaliation, he was hanging the coyotes on his fence after shooting them. To date 5 were hung on the fence. After checking into it, I found that Coyotes, after being killed, because the coyotes are killing the ranchers livestock, are hung on fences in order to deter or scare off other Coyotes. Don't really see this as working, but just thought I would pass it on.

My scorecard (x out of 10) for my days off this week would be as:
Working Out:  6
Working Around The House:  8
RA: 5 (moderate pain today)
Coyotes: 0 (guess it sucks to be a coyote in Oklahoma)
Bridges 10 


Anonymous said...

You know, it's such a great feeling when we can get so many things done in spite of RA. I'm delighted for you, Terry; you really went all out. Mowing and weed-whacking is pretty tiring work, too. I'm impressed.

And THEN you went out and found more bridges to photograph! WoooHOOOO! You were really on a roll! The photos you got are just beautiful. You make me wish for a digital SLR myself; I get frustrated when I can't get my little Kodak EasyShare Z650 to focus in on birds at the feeder, or get a nice shot, with depth of field, of a pretty view. I guess I better start saving my money!

I feel bad for those coyotes. I know they're not endangered, but killing them and hanging them on the fences seems barbaric. Seems to me the rancher would be better served to watch his stock more closely (perhaps with a trained dog), as I doubt coyotes are particularly superstitious ...

Anyway. Glad you had such a great day and got such nice photos for your bridge blog. I hope the consequences are tolerable and you're not hurting too bad. Take care, friend.

Living It, Loving It said...

Terry, those bridges are neat and I love the last one.

The coyote thing is a riot! Your right, I am not sure the deterrent is working. It is like prison – just because it is there doesn’t mean people stop committing crimes.

Sounds like a great day. And great to hear your RA is okay today. Hopefully, that continues.

Donna Harriman said...

It is kinda sad for the coyotes but you have to realize that coyotes don't hunt in the day time (unless they are rabid)they hunt at packs...which means that a rancher is NOT going to be able to use a trained dog, who would just end up being a snack, to protect his cattle not to mention the fact that you have hundreds of acres to protect and he's not God and can't be in all places at once to "watch his stock more closely" on the softer side..awww poor coyote...but in the real shoot em, string em up because a coyote is free, a cow is $2-3000! Sorry coyote, the cows win. Thats the way is has to be if you want Steak for dinner! Which I do!! and cheese, and milk, and butter...etc

tharr said...

Wren, it did feel good to get several little jobs crossed off of my "to do" list.

I was pleasantly surprised with the features on the Canon. We played with the f stops and shutter speeds shooting the same shot several times to see how much of a difference it can make.

We have been having a few coyotes running by our house in the middle of the day. They are high risk source of rabies.

tharr said...

Hey Lana, thanks, I'm glad others enjoy the old truss bridges. Donna is responsible for shooting the last one with the tunnel effect, it is cool looking.

I had never seen the coyote on a fence thing before. I read that is a fairly common practice with cattle ranchers in Texas. Who knew??

tharr said...

Donna, broken down in simple terms, I think you are saying:

The coyote gives us rabies.

The cow gives us nutrition.

Is that correct??

Donna Harriman said...

Excuse me but I think I was responsible for 3 of the 4 pics that you posted not just the tunnel one. that's ok though, I can share the credit..LOL Next time I will just send my camera with you. Then you can climb up on top of the cab to get the perfect shot. he he he

tharr said...

Donna, your excused. I wasn't talking about photo credits, I meant that it was your idea to shoot the bridge at the angle you did to create the iron tunnel effect.