Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dogs Like Spring Also

I have had a very rough week at work, and that combined with being the last week before another Orencia infusion, has reduced me to hurting like a big dawg. My feet, ankles, hands, wrists, along with my OA in my knees has me in an elevated level of pain today. I am taking the day off today (it is my day off - but I was planning on mowing and weed eating this afternoon) and just going to watch a movie and maybe grill some chicken later this evening. I love being outside in the spring, spending time in the backyard grilling or just relaxing in the porch swing listening to the wide variety of birds that we have. We have a Martin box, and although we don't have any in this year yet, I did see some in our neighborhood last week. I enjoy listening to the Purple Martins as well as watching them glide through the sky.

The two dogs like to be outside, and I suspect, enjoy spring almost as much as humans do. They want outside in the morning and Misty will come back in for a while, but wants back outside before long. Maggie, on the other hand, stays outside all day long. Once night time hits, Maggie is ready to come inside and be fed. She is spoiled, ... she just wants to be spoiled on her own terms.
I am going in for an infusion tomorrow, so that wastes one day of my days off this week. I am hoping that this infusion doesn't kick my butt like the last one did. But I have noticed that I have felt better this month, so I am not giving up on Orencia bringing me back to a semi-normal life. Don't get me wrong, I hurt every damn day. Thats my life now, I get it ... I accept that. But I also don't think it is wrong to expect, especially for the cost of these meds that we take, to do more than just slightly numb the pain. My hands hurt so bad this morning, it is painful just using the keyboard. Something else that I don't get, I'm not very smart, maybe too many concussions, last week when I rode 201 miles, I got back to the truck and my hands (along with my whole body) were hammered. On my right hand, my ring finer and little finger hurt five times as bad as any of my other fingers, I guess maybe I have more damage in them? After I straightened them out, using my left hand, I could not bend them back, they were so swollen and stiff. Those two fingers were stiff and hurt for the next three days. Just one of the perks of riding that I now live with! 

Oh, by the way, I was at last week. Kelly does a great job with the website and getting information out to us, and after talking with her, I know that she genuinely cares about each and every one of us. She's a really good person. At the bottom of the Self Image and Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis post, there was a MARVEL COMICS SUPER HERO PERSONALITY TEST. I thought what the heck, I'll try it. 
I took it one time, and was not picking the crazy outlandish choices, and it came back that I am most like Ghost Rider.  Weird.


Laurie Grassi said...

Cool quiz! Apparently I'm Jean Grey (whom I've never heard of), but she's able to read minds and mentally stun other opponents, and she possesses telekinetic powers – I'll take it!!

Sorry you're not feeling well; I hope you feel better soon and enjoy your bbq if you get around to it tonight.

:) L

P.S. The dogs are cute!

tharr said...

Laurie, I agree, it was a cool little quiz. It wouldn't take much to "mentally stun" me. lol

Laurie Grassi said...

Lol! Me neither, some days! FYI: Jean Grey is played by Famke Janssen in the X-Men movies...

BattyBeader said...

I believe the hardest part of living with RA is the Spring and Summer...why? Because, even though it is beautiful outside, we get stuck with the pain and fatigue that can leave us left out of the beautiful loop. This last winter was so depressing, dark and painful. I could not wait for the first sign of beauty outside. Well, it's here and I too am taking the day off. :-( My pain is due to complications from pneumonia and I have torn the cartlidge (sp) around my rib cage. Add, the fatigue from the RA fight...and here we are.
Ouch, I am being a waaaa waaa baby aren't I?
Nuff of that, right now girlfriend!

On to dogs and Spring. Dogs almost have Tigger like tendences. They sleep away the winter blues, and spring, spring into Spring. Gotta love our doggies!

I hope you feel better soon! Tomorrow, the infusion will start taking care of the damage again. And you will be back to good as RA new, my friend! God Bless all of us with RA. We are tough and we know it!!

Anonymous said...

Terry, Misty and Maggie are both cute as can be! Which was the one you rescued recently?

I'm sorry you're hurting so much right now. Miserable, I know, particularly when the weather is so nice and you really want to be outside doing things, even chores, just so you can enjoy the spring sunshine and beauty. But you seem at relative peace with it, which says a lot about your stores of courage and determination.

Of course, doing a 201-mile dual sport motorcycle ride just a few days ago, in spite of knowing the physical price, also shows some pretty formidable courage and determination.

I like Kelly's RA Warrior blog, too. She's an inspiration, isn't she. I got a kick out of the SuperHero quiz, but the result was a bit surprising, since it seems I'm the Black Widow. Hmmm. I've never thought of myself as scary or deadly ...

I hope the Enbrel makes you feel a lot better, very soon. I'm looking forward to reading about your next long dual sport ride through the Oklahoma countryside and wildlands.

Leslie said...

Your doggies are so cute :) I love watching martins too...growing up we had three martin houses and my mom and I would watch the babies through our peaceful and fun :) Sorry you are having pain..hope things get better for you soon! Oh...I took the quiz...I am She-Hulk hahaha! Your super hero is very fitting!

tharr said...

Arlene, I agree. In the winter when we feel bad, its no big deal if we stay in and rest. It's different when its nice outside and you're ready to go do something but can't because of the pain.

Our life would be so boring without our dogs. They are work, but they are a lot of fun. Take care of yourself.

tharr said...

Wren, Maggie was the one we rescued in November. She looks right at home in the recliner with her sweatshirt on, doesn't she?
Thanks, the pain will be better in a couple of days. I was even looking forward to mowing the yard!
I don't know about the courage and determination, I just love to ride and plan on riding til I die.
Kelly is indeed an inspiration. The Black Widow huh? I'll try to remember to be nice to you from now on. lol

Leslie, mom and dad had 2 martin houses, I grew up with them also. I was excited to see martins out here when we moved in. I love to watch the adult martins teaching the babies to fly.
She-Hulk huh? Remind me to be nice to you too!

Living It, Loving It said...

The doggies are soooo cute!!! It is like you can tell their personalities from those photos.

I am limping around today, not because of the RA, but because of how much of a klutz I am. You want to talk about not being very smart? I went to library to pick up some books for my Family Law course project and I had the baby in his stroller. He kept trying to throw books around and when I was picking up a stack of them, I tripped over my own feet and went flying. I am not very graceful but my in the process of flying, I managed to get my right foot stuck between the book shelves - needless to say, I am lucky I did not end up in the hospital. And you know what the toddler was doing while I was acting like an ungraceful clown? He was laughing his head off – apparently, it was entertaining. I guess it could be worse - My ten year old gives me dirty looks if I try to speak to him in public and most certainly not in front of his friends. He even huffs and puffs and sneers at me if I am "embarrassing" him.

Now that you have had a laugh, I hope you start to see some relief from all that pain. My worst pain in my hands because I type for a living. It sucks but we still have lives to live. The worst does not stop because we need to.

tharr said...

Hey Lana, they definitely have their own, very different personalities.

So sorry you fell, and were amusing while on the floor to your toddler. I could sympathize with you on this because I have become more clumsy with RA.

I only cringed while reading this, visualizing myself in your place. You're right, we can't slow down, gotta keep pushing.

Living It, Loving It said...

When I looked back at it laughed at myself - I must have been awfully funny from a toddler's perspective. I was just relieve no one saw me. I have always been a klutz but lately, it is more often than I would like. I am too busy that I sometimes I don't think about the end result.