Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Death Wish

After an infusion and a low key week, with the exception of four very hard days at work last week, I am feeling fairly good. I have had extraordinary discomfort in my right wrist and my ring and little finger on my right hand. I spoke with my rheumatologist about this and he examined my right hand. With no swelling, he said more than likely it is just due to having more damage in those fingers and the wrist. He added that if it is still hurting like this next month, we are going to have some x rays made and see if it is due to the RA. Other than that, all is good aside from my normal everyday RA pain. It is amazing what you can get used to living with isn't it? I am now thankful for the days when only both feet, both hands and my right hip are all that hurt me.

As a start to my weekend (yes it is a Monday) I load my bike up to go play. I have added a couple of new items on it and am anxious to go ride and check them out. I had them on it last week, but did not feel up to riding. Randall, Mike and Darel are all working today, Race is in school so, against my wifes best judgement, I am heading out solo today. We have two different viewpoints on riding alone. Hers is that if I get hurt, I will lay out in the middle of nowhere and die. I feel that Donna's viewpoint is flawed because I haven't broken anything yet that the ER can't fix. My bigger fear is of my bike breaking down, and with the damage to my feet combined with wearing riding boots that are built for protection, not walking, I don't know how far I could walk to try to get some help. 

I am checking on two bridges in the next couple of days for my other blog, Proud Iron. One is abandoned that was built in 1911, while the other one is still in use and was built in 1920. This has been an adventure that I am glad I took on. Hunting some of these bridges can prove to be tricky, sort of an adult easter egg hunt. But when you have been searching for one and finally do see the iron trusses peering over the top of the trees at you, it is a rewarding feeling that overtakes you. Last week, I was searching for the Pedro bridge in Benton County, and had driven within a quarter mile of it twice without seeing it. It is an abandoned bridge that sits sadly in a field now with no road to it on either side of the bridge anymore. I had to walk a half mile down the old, grown up road bed to get to the bridge. It still crosses the Illinois River with tree limbs hanging out over the bridge and grass growing on the runners crossing the bridge. I ran into one of the elder residents that grew up there, a retired gentleman named Don, and he told me how as a boy, he had jumped off of the Pedro bridge many times. He also told me that he had climbed up on top of the bridge a few times, but never could get up enough nerve to jump into the river from the top of the bridge (the water is only 8-10 feet deep at the bridge). And my parents thought I had a death wish racing motorcycles!