Sunday, March 28, 2010

Somedays Work Sucks

After an extremely hard week at work, I am feeling pretty good considering. Thursday, I was on my feet all 12 hours, climbing up and down the press repeatedly as well as being down in the floor on my knees cleaning an ink cavity out on the lower press deck. This hurt me, my RA was growling at me for most of the day.  Friday was better and Saturday was good, until the last 8 minutes of the shift when a fill in supervisor yelled at us for slowing the press down from 1500 feet per minute to 1150 feet per minute.  This is a common practice at shift change adjusting the speed to allow the next crew coming on to be in place and ready when the roll splices to the next roll.  This relatively new supervisor immediately came out of the office and informed me that I was not being fair to the company and it was the same as stealing from them.  I was so mad I could have punched him, but then thought of what Lana's 10 year old son told her.  I sped the press back up for the supervisor, (which only appeared to make him more hostile) the splice came off right at shift change and instead of 4 people at the press, there were 8 people in each others way causing chaos because there is not enough room for 8 people at the press.  
If you think about it, 350 feet per minute slower for 8 minutes is 2800 feet of paper.  That is barely 10% of one roll, but a few months ago the company had a 6S audit and management went through the parts room and threw out items that had not been called for in a certain period of time.  They threw out motors, wire harnesses, metal braces, ...etc like a drunken sailor spending money when he gets back on shore.  You guessed it, 10 days after this cleaning spree, we (the pressroom) needed a coating drive motor ... just like the one they threw away out of the parts room.  They had to order the special motor ($1,200) plus pay overnight shipping charges from Germany.  In addition, they lost 2 1/2 shifts of work because the press was sitting idle, but a supervisor is upset with me for slowing the press down for, what would have been 8 minutes.   
Sorry about the rant, I'm still aggravated about this today.  Tomorrow will be better though, I have a good long ride planned.


Living It, Loving It said...

Dude, work always sucks! That is why it is called work.

Sorry to about these tough work days, but you have to make a living. If we could all stay home and hide under our covers?

Employers these days are all jerks. People NEED jobs, and they are stuck at their jobs with no other alternative.

Yea, ten year olds are much smarter than adults.

tharr said...

Lana, this may sound crazy, but I like to work and I like my job. If they would just back off and let us do our job, we would be more productive and happier. They act like everything we do is an attempt to screw the company. If we were out to screw the company, there are a lot better ways than slowing the press down for 8 minutes! MORONS!!!

Anonymous said...

Can't blame you for being aggravated, Terry. You're the one with the expertise and experience running that huge press; the new supe obviously has neither. I hope he learned something when he made you speed it up and there was the inevitable trouble at shift change. Some people can't think their way out of a wet paper bag.

Hope you have a great ride soon. Enjoy the fresh air, warmer temps and with luck, sunshine. Peace, friend.

tharr said...

Hey Wren, thanks. No, he didn't learn anything, he was so mad at us, he was red in the face when we left. He is one of these that thinks everyone is out to get him or the company (or both). I'm so ready to ride tomorrow, it's going to be 70 with full sun all day!!

Anonymous said...

That guy should do a stint on that Undercover Boss reality show!

RA Guy said...

I don't know how you do it - just reading about your job takes the wind out of me! Enjoy your ride!

tharr said...

Chelsea, thats a good idea!

RA Guy, most days I do ok at work but every omce in a while we have one of those special days. I knew it was going to be a bad day before I clocked in, just didn't know it was going to be THAT bad.