Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Real Knee Slapper

I woke up this morning stiff with my right hip hurting.  I was supposed to go riding today, but the way I feel, I don't know if I should push myself to go or not.  Ten minutes after I got up, I get a text from Race telling me that he is not going to be able to make it today.  I am almost relieved to read his text, even though I was looking forward to riding today.  I step outside on my way to the shop and am greeted with a 65 degree morning.  Oh yeah, I'm going riding today.  I hop in the hot tub for 25 minutes to ease my pains, jump out and start getting my bike ready to load.  I'll just go by myself.  I get all of my gear, gas can, ramp and tie downs in the truck.  Just as I am loading my bike, I get a text message.  It is from Race and he is back on for riding.  

We meet at the woods at 10 and unload quickly.  We climb Poteau Mountain and drop off of the back side of the mountain to Bates.  We are riding a fast pace and quickly wind up at one of my favorite trails.  I tell Race to go first, I don't want to hold him up on the trails (I am 51 while Race is only 19).  He heads up the trail and I light the throttle up on my 525 in an attempt to keep up with him.  It works for about the first, oh, I don't know ... 100 feet.  I was catching back up with him as we hit a short, rutted uphill ... then all of a sudden it was like he was shot out of a cannon!  Ah, the combination of youth, exuberance and no ER visits yet.  Mike, Randall and myself used to twist the throttle like that when we were young, now I am just glad I can still throw a leg over a bike every now and then. 

I eventually catch back up to Race ... well, ok, he wasn't sure which way to go at the intersection and had to wait on me.  I point to the right and we head back into some prime, loamy single track trail.  Once again he lights the throttle up and I am right on his rear fender.  As I head into a lazy left hand turn, my front end washes with me and I chop the throttle and regain control of my bike ... just in time to see Race going down hard.  I ride up to him and he is holding his right knee still laying underneath his bike.  After 10 minutes, he shakes it off and we ride back out and head to Haw Creek to grab a cheeseburger.  Neither one of us had eaten anything today and it was 1 pm.  I had some Tylenol in my backpack, which came in handy.  After eating we cut our ride short and headed back to our trucks.

We still put in 85 miles, but Races knee was swollen and sore by now.  We were quite a pair loading our bikes this afternoon, Race from his crash while I was hobbling around due to my RA.  An old quote popped into my head this afternoon as we were both limping around, "Growing old is mandatory ...growing up is optional".  Something tells me Race will be just like Mike, Randall and myself at age 50.


Leslie said...

oh to be 19 again and without RA! sounds like you guys had a great time! It does look as though he will be like you guys. Adventure is great at any age :)

Laurie Grassi said...

When I started reading your post, I thought, "Oh no, he's not going to get to ride again!!" So I'm so happy you did get out – in what looks like great weather! – and had fun. Excellent – 'm so happy for you!

Living It, Loving It said...


You are definitely an RA Rebel! You are still telling RA that you are the boss. In my case, RA tells me it is the boss 75% of the time, the other 25%, I am telling it to go away.

Glad you took the ride and enjoyed it (even though RA told you it was boss after the ride was over). Keep riding my friend and you are right "Growing old is mandatory ...growing up is optional".

tharr said...

Leslie, I would hate to go back to 19 and have to relearn some of life's lessons over, but it sure would be worth it to have an in shape, healthy body!

Good luck with your antibiotic treatment.

tharr said...

Laurie, I was hurting yesterday morning, but as soon as I stepped outside and realized how warm it was ... no way I was going to let a beautiful day like that get away from me. Besides, I've hurt before from overdoing it, nothing new to me.

Lana, I think maybe I'm closer to Rebel Without A Clue. lol I sure felt it today, I went out and shot 4 different bridges for my other blog. The second bridge I climbed down a bank to get underneath the bridge for some pictures. My legs and feet hurt so bad, I wasn't sure I could get back up to the road.

Cathy said...

Yay for you for getting out and riding!!!!