Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Snow Rides

We had 7 inches of beautiful fresh snow Saturday.  My first day off this week was Sunday and I wanted so badly to load my bike up and go play in it.  When I was younger Mike and I used to ride in the snow every chance we got.  We would ride til our fingers were toes were red and hurting from being so wet and cold.  We would swing back by the truck, start it up and warm them up and put on a dry pair of gloves and head back out again.  I still have the want to (I guess I'll never grow up in some ways) but I knew the repercussions would not be worth it.  Even knowing this, I still started out the back door mid-afternoon to the shop with full intentions of loading my bike up and going out to ride in the snow ... just for an hour.  I sounded like a little kid whining to his mother to let him go out and play.  The bad thing about it is I was trying to convince myself to let myself go play.  This is where it gets confusing, bad self convinced good self that we would be fine for just an hour of riding.  I opened the door and the 30 degree temperature didn't feel that bad.  Ok, I go to the garage and get my ramp, tie downs and gas can out ... next I pull the choke on the carb and hit the electric start.  The KTM fires off and is as excited to be going as I am.  Next I get my backpack and goggles ready ... I'm noticing it is feeling much colder in the shop after being outside for 10 minutes.  I raise the garage door to load everything and I'm hit face on with a 23 mph wind on a 30 degree day.  Good self took back over, I shut the door and went back inside the house.  

Mike called Monday and we talked about riding in the snow. I told him that I had found some old photos of us riding at Lake Weddington in the snow and he said that he had just ran across some of us snow riding.   These are from around 78, that is me on a Yamaha YZ 125


Cathy said...

It is always a struggle between good self and bad self, isn't it? These photos are great!

Laurie Grassi said...

The wind is always a deciding factor, isn't it? Damn! Hope some sunny, windfree days come your way soon so you get to play in the snow!

:) Laurie

Living It, Loving It said...

Good and Bad huh? I wish I could enjoy winter but since I don't remember "normal," I don't know enjoying it me. :)

tharr said...

Cathy - Most of the time my good self wins out, when bad self wins I usually have a good time ... I just wind up paying for it later. We always had fun riding in the snow, some good times. Kinda sucks when you realize thats one more thing you will probably never be able to do again.

Laurie - Wind chills are a killer! Definitely ready for some warmer temps!

tharr said...

Lana, I wish you could enjoy it too. I'm not too crazy about my new "normal" standard, I much preferred my old wide open standard. Sigh.