Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Arizona Sounds Good This Time of Year

It seems that everyone with RA has had problems with their hands this winter.  I am no exception.  Yesterday we received another 5 inches of snow and temperatures plunged back down into the teens.  My whole body ached yesterday, today is a little better.  Of course part of that is working 4 twelve hour days in a row this week.  Each day I get worn down just a little bit more until, some weeks I can barely move by the last day.  Average snowfall over the last 20 years in Fort Smith is 2.15 inches.  This winter we are already at 17 inches with more snow predicted Thursday into Friday.  If every winter starts doing this, I am packing my bags and heading south.  Every time I start feeling better, here comes more snow or plunging temperatures ... or both.  
On my last day of work this week, we were having a pretty good day on the press.  We walked into a bad paper break that the other crew so generously left for us to clean up.  An hour later we had the paper webbed and spliced and were jogging the splice through all of the opened nips and drives. Got the splice through, closed everything back up, turned the edge guides and ovens on and fired the press up.  We were running good paper, good print, a nice last day of the week.  Then along comes management.  I honestly don't know how management comes to some of the conclusions that they do, but they make some of the dumbest decisions (to us) that can cost us time, paper and quality.  We still managed to run 850,000 linear feet by the end of the shift in spite of them.
I have been researching iron truss bridges in Arkansas-Oklahoma, so if it will ever warm up, I have several already picked out to ride out to and photograph.  My new project Proud Iron is up and I currently have 7 bridges listed on it.   
I talked with Randall yesterday and found out Darel is trying to get in touch with one of his old riding buddies who lives in Arizona.  Darel is a self employed, take charge kind of guy.  If we can't ride here, no problem, we'll just move!  If all works out, in other words if it is cheap enough, we may pack up, take a couple of days off and head out to Arizona to ride for 2-3 days. 


Leslie said...

Take me with you!!!!!!! LOL! j/k! I have found that I really HATE winter...not just dislike and I dont find it just a little annoying..I really HATE it and I find it absolutely annoying!LOL! It makes my bones hurt. Then, you add rain to the mix and lets just say this has been a prednisone winter. Before RA, I loved winter. I loved the cold weather and bundling up when going outside...but no more! I would fly south for winter if I could! It's good to know others feel the same way! 12 hour days? good grief how do you do that? Hope your hands get better! Mine probably will with spring thaw ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Terry, you're really having a stretch of frozen weather this year! I'm willing to bet, though, that it's a result of El Nino, and that next year will be much closer to normal in your part of the country. I'm sorry your RA is being so beastly because of it -- and working four, 12-hour shifts surely isn't helping any. I hope you'll be getting a good rest in soon.

As for the rides -- they're coming. Spring is coming. Yeah, it's a while off yet, but not THAT long. You'll be out there enjoying your favorite pastime very soon. And that Arizona trip, well, that sounds just great. You'll have a ball. We expect photos. :o)

Feel better, friend. Thinking of you.


Living It, Loving It said...

Me too, I want to move to Arizona. Old Man Winter has left my muscles and joints screaming for mercy. Is your work week already over or did I miss something? :)

tharr said...

Leslie, some place warm and sunny sounds really good right now doesn't it? I never was a winter lover before, but I could tolerate it no problem. I agree with you now, I HATE IT.

Wren, this has been a crazy winter indeed. If the Arizona ride pans out, I promise to take a bunch of pictures.

Lana, winter has been rough on all of with RA this year. I don't think where you live has had that much to do with this winter. It seems like every where has been hit hard this year.

Helen said...

Arizona sounds wonderful! I was there once several years ago and really loved it. We've got lots of snow and very damp, windy, grey weather here, too. I'm ready for spring!