Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sure Could Use Some Global Warming

Maggie in her new hoody ready to go outside.

The long predicted bitter cold air is streaming into the region just north of where I live now. After reaching a balmy 30 degrees today,  our temperature will fall into the middle teens overnight. The forecast is for snow with 40 mph NW winds tomorrow afternoon, along with an arctic plunge in temps that we haven't seen in this area in 21 years.  For the next 4 days, actual temperatures will range from -5 to 5 overnight (windchills down to -20) and highs will be in the upper teens. It is not just where I live, the entire US has been hit hard this winter, Canada currently has some temps as cold as -40 (actual temperature reading without wind chill figured in), Britain is in the grips of the coldest winter for 30 years, Sweden is recording -35 temperatures as well.  I sure could go for some global warming right about now!

Climate Progress's Joe Romm says that December's blizzard that rocked the Eastern seaboard was caused by global warming.  You can now add winter storms to the ever growing list of things that Al Gore's global warming is now responsible for.  Of course this isn't at all that surprising, Romm also blamed the 2007 Minnesota bridge collapse on global warming.   

I am doing quite well with my RA considering the temperatures and precipitation that we have had so far.  I got up this morning and was moving around stiff and slow, so I decided a visit to the hot tub might help.  It was 14 degrees outside, it's a good thing our hot tub is only 2 steps out the french doors of our bedroom.  It felt so good easing down into the 105 degree water, I laid back in the lounge of the hot tub so that all that was exposed to the cold was from just behind my ears forward to the front of my face.  I stayed in for 25 minutes and upon exiting, felt much better ... except for my face.  It was now numb.  The warmth of the hot tub usually provides good temporary relief to my RA pain, but oddly that relief stayed with me all day today.  My face thawed back out in a few minutes so it was definitely worth it.

I'm going to warm up the shop tomorrow morning and drain the coolant on both of my bikes and replace it with antifreeze.  I checked them in November and they were both good to 5 above, which is just fine for an average winter in our area.  This winter has been anything but average and I just can't take a chance on it freezing and cracking a cylinder on a $9000 dirt bike.

Two things are for sure:
1) I will make it through this winter ok.
2) I will not complain about mowing once spring arrives.


Anonymous said...

Wow. That's some SERIOUS cold weather, Terry. Can't blame you a bit for being a little skeptical about global warming, considering, but keep in mind that in the other hemisphere, they're experiencing temps that are off the charts, too. It's the average change over time that counts, not specific changes, like this frigid weather so much of the northern hemisphere is experiencing just now.

Anyway -- that hot tub sounds fabulous. I'd about give my eye teeth for one. Glad that it made you feel better AND that you're not completely laid out by RA right now.

I'll be monitoring, come May, for lawnmowing complaints... ;o)

Keep smiling!

Anonymous said...

That hot tub sounds great. Lots of snow here in Syracuse NY and sore joints along with stiff muscles. Boy I just looked at that KTM 690 Duke on the web and got all excited. I'm not sure if I could handle one or deal with the price but it makes a nice fantasy. The Kawasaki Versys 09 leftovers are looking like a possibility for the spring thaw. Still a bust on the Orencia treatments but they want me to keep going. Looks like tramadol, coffee and a half an hour on the total gym is going to have to do for now, otherwise I sit at home and kill my sick leave.
We are in the process of getting our first home and that hot tub sounds really good, maybe I'll make the pitch to my wife.
Hang in there.

Phil Syracuse NY

andrew said...

Hi Terry,
Sorry you're getting the frigid artic air. So much for global warming! It's 50 and sunny today in Seattle. Hot tubs are a wonderful thing for RAers.


Kelly said...

Hi Terry,
I sent you another RA'er who rides. It's amazing that there are so many of you! Hope you get out soon.