Sunday, January 24, 2010


I have been feeling pretty good the last 2 weeks with the exception of the days that I work.  I am working out with weights again and I am going to start walking every day next week.  It is really good to feel like doing these things again, especially after feeling as bad as I did last year.   I believe that in another month or so that I will feel as good as I possibly can having RA.  This may sound crazy, but I'm almost afraid to feel this good. 

Two years ago I was doing extremely well for having RA.  I was working 60 + hours a week while my wife went back to school, I was working out at the gym 3 days a week and I went to Colorado with 9 other friends and we rode 600 miles in 6 days.  I was still hurting, but overall, life wasn't too bad for living with RA.  Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, last year hits me and I hurt all year long.  Granted, we had some really mixed up weather in 2009 and I have no doubt that played a part in some of my hurting, but I finally switched medicines in late September.  I'm afraid that I am nearing the high point again and in another year or so, I will have to suffer through another year like I did in 09.

I am starting a new project and would appreciate any feedback you have about it.  I have loved old iron bridges for as long as I can remember.  I can remember, when I was probably five or six,  going across one just outside of Fayetteville, Arkansas.  It was a long, tall single lane bridge with wooden runners to drive on.  The wooden runners would pop and the bridge would creak as you drove across it.  I was scared out of my mind, but as soon as we would be safely on the other side, I was ready to cross it again.  I love these old bridges even more today, probably because there are very few of them in operation any more.  I am researching old iron bridges in the Arkansas-Oklahoma area and plan on riding my KTM (since it is now street legal) out to as many as I can to photograph them.  I have not decided if I want to build a website or just publish them in a blog, but if anyone is interested, I will keep you updated when I am closer to going live with it.


Anonymous said...

I love this idea, Terry. What a cool thing to do, photograph old bridges while they're still around. And the fun part is that you get to travel to them on your bike. There was a steel railroad bridge, no longer used by trains or cars, that stretched across the American River in Fair Oaks, California, where I grew up. Teens used to jump off it into the river in the summertime; the dead-end road up to it was quite the party spot. I don't know if it's still there or not, but I used to be fascinated with that bridge. I'd walk across it, thrilled by the height and the general ricketyness (not that it was unsafe; it was just old). I think you'll have a great time with this project.

Also glad to hear that you're feeling a lot better now than you were. I know what you mean about being a little nervous about it; it's like waiting for the axe to fall. I remember waiting like that in the very late 90s and early 00s,but then to my relief (barely acknowledged for fear of upsetting the rheuma gods) I realized my disease had gone into remission.

I hope that for you. Keep feeling great, Terry!

Anonymous said...

Terry, I am glad to hear you are feeling so good. Also glad to hear you are taking care of your body with weights and walking. I think it has benefits for the mind as well. As far as your possible project, I think it's an awesome idea. Take care and I am wishing you continued health partner! Mike...