Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tis The Season

Not too much going on this week. I have been fighting off a mild sinus infection while working over the weekend. In addition to the long 12 hour shifts and fighting off the sinus, I did not take my methotrexate and missed an Orencia infusion, so my RA is making the most of the situation right now. Overall, I can't complain, I feel better after skipping MTX 2 weeks back to back and one infusion than before I switched to the Orencia. That's not to say that I don't hurt or that I don't have difficulty getting up and down or putting my shoes and socks on, but those are everyday things that I deal with. I truly don't know what it feels like nor do I ever expect to be pain free, ever again.

It's so cold I can't get out to do anything this week so I am cleaning up my music/computer room and doing a few things that I have been putting off. I bought some mp3's yesterday. I have an app on my iPhone that is called Shazam. If you hear a song that you don't know the name of, you open the app and hit the TAG NOW button and hold the phone toward the speaker. Within 20-30 seconds you have who the band is, the title of the song and the name of the CD, links to buy the song, videos and biographies and websites of the band. Amazing little app and best of all, it was a free app. I can't even imagine how big the database would have to be or the programming that went into this app, and they're giving it out free.

I have been working toward making my race bike street legal for dual sport rides that I do now. I finally tagged my bike yesterday, yep a full out woods race bike with a license plate on it. It looks pretty weird, but now if we get stopped, I will be legal. I have everything except turn signals on it. I am going to heat the shop up and put my new rear tire on later today.

I am so ready for some normal December temps so I can ride. The biggest part of December, we have averaged nearly 20 degrees below normal. Our daytime highs are what our normal overnight lows run for this time of the year. Have I told you lately that "I HATE WINTER". It never has been my favorite time of year, but I never hated it. Then enter RA, and it just flat out hurts me now. Oh well, tis the season to be hurting...falalalala.


Andrew said...

Yep, I don't like the cold either.

Why did you miss the Orencia infusion?

Keep hangin' in there.

Donna Harriman said...

Don't worry sweetheart...Your Christmas present I got you will make it alright! :-)) Ho Ho Ho

Anonymous said...

Hang in there bud.
I love pictures of bikes. When my friends would check out the cycle mags, they always looked at the babes and I would say "check out those forks". I guess my testerone was pointed in the wrong direction.
I am so glad that you can still do this and I hope you can for years to come. Keep putting the bike pic's in and I'll be happy. I had the big consult after the fifth Orencia treatment, nothing yet but they want me to keep going. The only thing that kicked in so far was Arava, but that is not working as well as it used to. At least I still have my trusty Tramadol if things get bad.
Your blog, along with others really helps me. Keep up the good work and have a great Holiday.
Phil from Upstate NY

tharr said...

Andrew, I had ran a slight fever the day before the infusion.

tharr said...

Hey Phil, glad you keep coming back. I have always loved bikes, but nothing wrong with checking the babes out either. lol
Don't give up on Orencia yet. Just out of the blue, my printing supervisor stopped and asked me what med I was on for my RA. His wife has it and she is also taking Orencia. I told him that I had been on it 3 months and was disappointed with the results so far. He told me that it took his wife almost 6 months to feel the full effect ot the Orencia but she feels better than she has felt in years. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.