Monday, December 7, 2009

Rough Going Back To Work

I was off for 11 days over Thanksgiving and put in 2 LONG rides on my bike and had a great Thanksgiving dinner with friend's and family. My RA paid me back for the first ride (171 miles) so the Saturday after Thanksgiving Randall talked me into going back out again. We had a crazy ride that included 2 flat tires, stopping to eat one of the best cheeseburgers you could ever have, riding brand new trail, getting lost and running into bats in the dark on the way back ... all at the end of November. And the crazy thing, I felt better after the ride than before I went. Never hurt after the second ride at all.

After going back to work this week, I hurt so bad the first day. I could barely walk due to the fact that we had press problems and I did not get to sit down except for my breaks. That means that I was standing, walking, climbing ladders and stairs and crawling on my hands and knees for 10 1/2 hours in steel toe boots. For those of you who have never worn steel toed boots, consider yourself very lucky, especially if you have damage to your feet. The second and third day were a little easier on me.

My printing supervisor stopped and asked me how my RA was and the medication I am taking for it now. His wife also has RA and we have talked several times about it. I told him I was on Orencia now and explained that I was a little disappointed that the results were not better than they are. He told me that his wife was using Orencia and it took her close to 6 months after starting it to really feel good. So now, I am hopeful that I will continue to get a little bit better.

I have been having some doubts about whether I can do the new job that I am training for. He also told me that he had been observing me, he appreciated me and that I was going to make an excellent press operator. The funny thing about this is, I was going to talk to him, when I went on my next break, about possibly turning my bid back. Odd how things work sometimes.


andrew said...

Sorry you've been feeling so rough lately. I hope and pray that the Orencia kicks in full steam and you find some relief.

Sounds like someone is looking out for you at work!

RA Guy said...

Yesterday I found myself at one of the larger printing companies in town, and it made me think of you.

I think it's nice that the people you work with are aware of the fact that you live with RA.

Cathy said...

It sounds like you get a lot of positive feedback at your job both about your performance and RA. You are a lucky guy in so many ways!

Living It, Loving It said...

Don't doubt yourself. RA has taught us all strength.