Sunday, December 20, 2009

I Really Am Lucky

It's been a challenging, but good week at work. I am settling in at my new job and gaining confidence by leaps and bounds now. I no longer have to check notes before I make a move, I just do it now. It was a little bit intimidating taking over the controls of a 10 million dollar press with only 3 weeks training, so I checked notes I had made quite a bit until it just all at once sunk in this week. Everything is controlled by computer on the press, so there was a lot to learn regarding what screen does what and where a screen was that you needed to get to. I know printing, I've been around printing for some 20+ years but this is a completely new press. I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.

I am over my sinus infection so I am back on my methotrexate and am going in for an Orencia infusion Monday. It is good that we have these drugs to help fight off the progression of RA, but sometimes you don't really realize how much they are actually doing until you go off of them for a short time. I have been in an elevated state of pain all week. It hurt to walk, sit or stand up and my hands were stiff and swollen. I have had trouble hanging on to everything this week. Yesterday was my last work day for the week and I hurt so badly, it must have taken me 4-5 minutes to put my socks and boots on. I just couldn't bend anymore.

It's frustrating to have new rubber(tires) on my bike, it is now tagged and officially street legal for dual sport rides anywhere, we are going to have a 60 degree day tomorrow but I just hurt too bad to ride. I could ride no problem but I don't want to pay for it later since I'm already hurting more than normal. Man, looking back, I have turned in to a big wimp. I have raced with a broken ankle before, raced with 3 week old cracked ribs, ... now I won't even go out for a dual sport ride just because of a little RA pain.

I wish everyone a pain free and Merry Christmas and hope you can enjoy it with friends and family this year. Even though I have RA, I have been blessed many times over and this time of year it always hits me how lucky I really am.


Anonymous said...

Hey Terry --
Allow me to remind you that rheumatoid arthritis isn't for sissies.

Broken ankles don't have anything on inflamed, swollen knees, hands and toes as they flare for days... and days...

No wimps around here that I can see, man. None.

Instead, I see a smart guy who's learning, quick, to take good care of himself so he can keep on enjoying those long rides on his bike with the new rubber. Just not today. Give the meds a chance to get back to work, then watch out!

Merry Christmas to you and yours, too. Sending big smiles your way.

tharr said...

Wren, thanks for the kind words. You're right, I would take another broken ankle over RA anyday, however racing with a broken bone (even though it is healing) isn't any picnic either.

I'll take it as I'm getting smarter instead of turning into a wimp. lol

Merry Christmas to you and your family.