Monday, November 30, 2009

On To The Point

It has been 48 hours since loading up from my ride Saturday night and I still feel really good. Looking back on the ride, one of my favorite sayings popped into my head. Bad decisions make good stories. It was a beautiful day and even though we got lost, with the exception of running through the bats and Randall just barely making it back to the truck on fumes, we still had a great ride. Randall ran out of gas at 97.2 miles on our last ride. I was calculating the mileage in my head as we were riding back once we found a landmark and knew where we were at. The best I had it figured, was that he could make it to within 2-4 miles of the truck before running out of gas. We ducked through a shortcut on the way back and as it turns out, thankfully I was wrong. Randall made it all the way back to the truck with 97.4 miles on the tank of gas. Another 1/2 mile and he would have run out.

I didn't get sore or hurt after this ride, in fact, I didn't hurt until today around noon. I was making a pot of stew today and went to put the clean dishes up out of the dishwasher. I misjudged a knife, my wife insists on putting them in with the sharp end facing upward, and WHAM ... ran the tip of a steak knife about 3/8 inch up in between my thumb and thumbnail. You would have been proud of me though. In my younger days I would have taken the 6 quart stockpot in my other hand and invented the Olympic Cookware Toss. I was cool though, just muttered a "damn" and quickly grabbed a towel to wrap my thumb tight to help stop the bleeding. I didn't know a thumb had that much blood in it, I'm pretty sure my thumb had to be pumping out blood from my index finger by now. After my thumb finally bled out, I cleaned it, doctored and bandaged it.

I currently feel better about the Orencia now. Hopefully my rheumatologist was right, some people respond faster while some respond slower than the 3 month average date for seeing what it can do for me. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, that is, if I could cross them.

Around here if it's not one thing it's three, but one thing's for sure, there is never a dull moment. Remind me to tell you about the time that animal control had to shoot a rabid dog on our front porch.


Anonymous said...

Glad to know that your unexpectedly long ride over the weekend didn't end with you hurting so bad, this time. It IS strange how one time you pay, and one time you don't. ("you" meaning "we," of course). In other news, I cut myself on the sharp edge of a can the other day. It was a wee little thing near the cuticle of my index finger, but it bled like crazy -- and stung for two days. Go figure.

RA Guy said...

I'm hoping that the Orencia works for you. I'm at right around that same point, a few weeks into a new medicine and wondering what the end result will be a few months down the road.

Rabid dog on the front porch...sort of like Cujo? I still remember doing to see that movie at the drive-in. Drive-in!

Living It, Loving It said...

Good to hear that long ride did not have an aftermath. Aside from some extreme fatigue issues, I have been (crossing my fingers and knocking on wood), I have been doing really well pain wise. I took the third Humira dose (those darn needles are painful), and I am counting my blessings.

tharr said...

Wren, we have one of those can openers that doesn't leave a sharp edge on the top or the can. Good investment. As for my thumb, it was insane how much it bled, but I guess by bleeding like it did, it is not too sore today.

RA Guy, this dog was on the front porch and would not let my wife or daughter come out the front door. He was basically holding them hostage in our house. My wife called the police/animal control (small town) and the tranquilizer dart they shot him with first, just pissed him off. He was coming after the animal control guy and chased him up my daughters playground set. The dog was lunging at the guy so the policeman with him just dropped him. It was after he was dead that they realized he had rabies.

tharr said...

Lana, I have been feeling good the last 3 days. I wanted to ride today but it was just too cold for me to get out today.
I'm glad you're doing well, except for the fatigue. I haven't given myself a shot since the middle of September, when I started Orencia infusions, and I haven't missed the shots one bit.

Anonymous said...

I always enjoy reading your posts. I think there is a kindred spirit among all of us dealing with the issues RA brought into our lives. Keep it up bro!