Monday, November 2, 2009

A Fast Day

I finished up a rough week at work Sunday night at 7 pm. I was hurting from being on my feet in steel toe work boots for most of my 12 hour shift, my hip was hurting slightly and my hands were aching. All of that no longer mattered when I found out my daughter and her boyfriend were coming by to see us in a few minutes. I hurried home and showered and ate a quick bite, just in time for them to show up at the front door. Although short, it was so good to see her. It eased my pain from 4 rough days at work this week.

I woke up early this morning and had to run back to the plant to take care of some insurance eligibilty questions, then gassed the truck up, ran home and loaded the KTM up. I hurt mildly this morning, about a 3 out of 10, but I was not letting a little hurting get in my way of an outstanding day. It was supposed to be 76 and sunny today, so I ran by and picked Randall up and we headed to the mountains.

We head out for Bates and were running a brisk pace due to getting a late start today. About 20 miles into our ride, Randall pulls over and we are starring at a flat rear tire on his bike. We find a place to change the tire, and after a 30 minute delay, are back on the road (so to speak) again. We were planning on a ride all the way down to Rich Mountain today, so we had to pick up the pace even more now. We also had to work some alternate routes in due to the heavy rains we have received over the last month.

We soon found big time fun in pushing ourselves on the dirt and fire roads we were taking today. At one point we saw a travel trailer being pulled a ways up in front of us. Great, I thought to myself, we are going to have to find a place to get around this trailer on these steep narrow roads. We were running 60 - 70 mph on these roads and were not catching them. We finally catch up close enough to see the trailer and it looked like it had 3 different colors of primer with a little bit of white sprayed on it. The trailer had 2 wheels on it, not matching each other and there was a big rust spot on the, well ... across the whole width of the back of it. I had a flashback to the figure 8 trailer races I have seen on Spike tv where pieces of the trailer are flying off behind the trailer, that's were we are ... behind the trailer running 55 mph. I back off and within 1/2 mile they turn right into the woods. Whew. My best guess is that they were going to abandon it in the woods! LOL

On the gas again and we don't slow down until we hit asphalt just north of Mena. We stop, order a sandwich and visit with the owner of the store for a little while, then we are back on our way. Now we are in a race to get back to the truck before the sun goes down on us. We were flying back, barely taking time to notice how high the water had been recently. I came into a hairpin turn way to hot and wound up in the ditch, but never slowed down below 20 mph and kept the throttle on, jumped back out on the road and was back up to 50 in no time. Possibly needing some clean underwear, but other than that I was fine. We kept the throttle lit and beat the darkness back to the truck ... and had a great day!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you and Randall had a great time, Terry. And what makes it even better is that you were able to take that long, rough ride in spite of the rheuma. Bravo! Thanks for the story and the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I loved the part about "My best guess is they were going to abandon it".

Sounds like you had a good day, enjoy and keep the rubber side on the ground.