Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Stormy Day

It's been a crazy week for me, I have worked 12 hours 5 days in a row, tonight is my first night off and we are on the edge of a major storm moving through ... in the fall. It is October and, at 10 pm, the temperature is still 85 with 70% humidity. It feels more like a stormy spring night, not fall.

My daughter lives 80 miles north of us and as the cold front hit them about 7:30 this evening, it dropped a small tornado. No damage to speak of but she had stopped at Arby's on her way to buy some rain boots (she walks long distance's at college) and the tornado sirens started going off. She hurriedly called me to ask if I could tell her what was going on with the weather. I had just walked into Best Buy, so I quickly walked over to the computers and found one that was online. I pulled up the weather and plugged in her zip and sure enough they had a tornado warning out. I put the radar into motion and the leading edge of the storm was not quite to Fayetteville so I told her to stay put. About that time the manager of Arby's locked the front doors and asked all of the customers and employees to come into the cooler for safety from the storm. We sent text messages back and forth as I was borrowing the internet from Best Buy to keep her and the Arby's crew updated on the storm. All turned out alright, but it was a scary moment for my daughter as well as a scary moment for me. It is difficult as a parent knowing there is nothing you can do as danger approaches your child and you are 80 miles away.

As I was typing this blog, the wind just blew one of our large rocking chairs off of the front porch, so I guess I will go watch the approaching storm for myself now.


BattyBeader said...

I bet you both were so scared. I can't even imagine how Kayla felt. And how you, as a dad, (dad's always want to fix problems for their little girls, right?) felt to not be there with her.

Thanks for sharing. Most of all, I praise God that you both were alright.