Sunday, October 4, 2009

Been A Good Week

I am noticing a difference in my RA after having taken two Orencia infusions. I am feeling better and less fatigued. I have felt like doing more, but am cautious until I find out that it is the new medicine working and not just a coincidence that I am better. I go in for my third Orencia infusion this Thursday, 10/8.

I have spent this week cleaning my garage out. I will admit it up front, I am a pack rat. I have owned 27 motorcycles since I was 12. I had parts to probably 26 of those still in my garage. I could tell you what the part was but had absolutely no idea what bike some of the parts came off of. Now here's an even scarier part ... some of the parts I did remember, I could remember were no good. I was just hanging onto them in case I needed to make a part out of two "no good" parts. Don't laugh, I am serious. I finally got to the point that I couldn't hang good parts (for the two bikes that I currently own) on my pegboard (I like to have normal wear items on hand in my garage) or in my "parts" tool cabinet. I have made two trips to the dump and I'm still not finished.

Friday night my cousin brought his son, Kaid, down to spend the night with me and go ride Saturday. Scott asked me to show Kaid a few things about taking care of his dirt bike. I made a "cheat sheet" for Kaid, detailing step by step what to do before and after each ride. I also made a maintenance log for him to track when he does things to his bike. Kaid was very attentive and wanted to learn, so I walked him through, actually making him do most of the work. They have had the bike for him a year and never even cleaned the air filter yet, so it was in dire need of some maintenance. We ordered some pizza, worked on his bike til 11:00 pm then came in and watched Nitro Circus Trillbillies Double Wide. It is one of Travis Pastrana's best video's yet, but don't expect to find it at Blockbuster. These guys are pure adrenaline junkies and even if you don't like dirt bikes, you will find something on the DVD you will like. There's everything from back flips and hydroplaning dirt bikes, to rally cars, monster trucks, zip lines, base jumping and even Travis doing a back flip on a child's big wheel (oh and the asphalt downhill race on big wheels was cool too).

We woke up at the crack of 9, loaded the bikes and headed out for the woods. We had a good 75 mile dual sport ride that consisted mostly of dirt road with just a bit of asphalt and single track trail. This was the first weekend of bow season, so we preferred to not be shot at and stuck to riding the roads yesterday. Kaid was getting hungry about an hour into the ride so I changed up what I had planned to ride, and made a loop over to Haw Creek, stopped, grabbed a cheeseburger and headed back a different way. We dropped off down in the bottoms and rode across a couple of one lane, low water bridges. It has been a crazy year here and for this time of the year, the creeks still have an unbelievable amount of water in them. As we were loading up, Kaid came over and gave me a hug and said "thank you, I had a really great time". I told Kaid that the next time we do this, we will drink some whiskey and shoot at the neighbor's cats*. He grinned real big and said ok, to which my cousin Scott replied, "that sounds like fun, if you're going to do that, I'll stay and spend the night with you guys".

* Legal Disclaimer (sort of): The owner of this blog would like to note that no cats will be harmed should Kaid come down again.