Friday, September 11, 2009

Orencia Infusion part 1

September 11, it used to just be any other date, but I cringe every time this date rolls around now. I think about the 9/11 terrorist attacks several times a year still, but on this date I actually run through my mind where I was, watching the tv in horror as the towers came down, the sickness for lives lost, the emptiness I suddenly felt. If we could only recapture the feelings that were present on 9/12, I feel we would be a better country. You could not find an American flag in stock anywhere, everyone was flying one. There was no bickering between political parties, they were working together for America, not for their party. We haven't been that together as a country since. I guess I will feel this way about 9/11 until the day I die.

I had my first Orencia infusion yesterday and all went well with it. Not knowing exactly what to expect, I took my iPod with me, good thing too, the tv in the infusion room was tuned into the View. Nothing against anyone who watches it, just not my kind of show. After the nurse got the iv started, I cranked up some 3 Doors Down, Audioslave and the on to some classic ZZ Top. Not a bad way to spend an hour in one of the most comfortable recliners I have ever kicked back in. Side note, when the nurse took my blood pressure she asked me if I was on blood pressure medicine. I asked her what my BP was expecting it to be high from her expression. She replied 108/64, that is very low for people she sees. Most people coming in for this tend to have elevated blood pressures from being nervous.

After the infusion, I went home and crawled in bed (I got off work at 7 am and finished the infusion at 11am) to get some much needed rest. I had to go back to work in a few short hours and slept very well, woke up rested and nearly pain free. I had a good night at work despite having a ton of problems with the press. I even managed 40 minutes of walking between 2 of my breaks last night.

I am optimistic that my pain and fatigue will decrease once I have a couple of months of the Orencia. I have another infusion in 2 weeks, then another one 2 weeks after that, then will be on once a month infusions.


Cathy said...

I am so glad you are feeling well Terry and send good thoughts that this is the right match for you and you will only continue to feel better.

My then little ones and I were watching THE TODAY SHOW when the attacks came. I still get teary eyes remembering those feelings.

Brad said...

Hello... I have a Google bot that searches for all things about Orencia, and so I read your post. Just wanted to say fyi - I have severe RA as well and began using Orencia when it was still being researched (not FDA approved). I've been on it for more than 10 years. I could barely walk before I began treatment. Now I live pain and symptom free. Not everyone has the same response, but I hope you have a similar experience. Best of luck.

tharr said...

Cathy, thank you for the good thoughts.

About the terrorist attacks on US soil, I still get angry. Not just the fact that they attacked my country, but that any human could want to cause harm to another innocent human being. It doesn't matter what country the terrorists attack, I get upset about it.

tharr said...

Brad, thanks for stopping by and that is great news that it is still working for you after 10 years. I did some research as well as talked to my rheumatologist before choosing to go with Orencia. The Enbrel just wasn't working as well as it had earlier for me.

Kelly said...

Good post. Very real. I love the balance. Thanks.