Sunday, September 13, 2009

Orencia Infusion part 2

I had my first Orencia infusion on Thursday, 9/10. I did not know what to expect but was relieved that the experience was complication free. I was given two Tylenol and two Benadryl prior to starting the procedure. After the iv needle was inserted into my hand, and blood drawn for tests, the actual infusion was started. There was no burning or stinging, in fact there was no feeling at all during the process.

I took my iPod with me and listened to music while the hour long process played out and I believe I even dozed off for about 15 minutes of it. I had worked 12 hours the night before getting off at 7 am and was at the doctors office at 9:30 am. I was so exhausted, I just hope I didn't snore!

I don't know whether it's coincidence or whether it's mental (I've been accused of being mental more than once), but starting Thursday night at work, my feet have not hurt as badly as they normally do. I know the Orencia cannot work that quickly, but I have definitely felt better since taking the first treatment.

But all good things must come to an end. We have had rain the last 24-28 hours and last night at work around 2:30 am I began hurting. By 4:30 am I was in quit a bit of pain and by the time I got off at 7 am, I limped home and crawled in bed. I know we needed the rain, but it sure messed a good thing up for me this weekend.


mallen said...

I hate rain.

Sorry you had a crummy weekend. But I hope that orencia works for you.


Cathy said...

Growing up in Kansas I always loved the big thunderstorms and wind. Now, different feelings come with rain. It brings a lot of pain. But, I feel optimistic that the pain won't always be as intense for either of us. Hang in there. The Orencia will soon start doing its thing and you will soon be out there doing your thing.

tharr said...

Mallen, I have learned to take the bad with the good and when I don't feel good, I just use that as downtime to sleep and feel better. I don't push myself during these times unless I am at work.

I really don't mind the rain as long as it is not an all day event like this one was. If it is just a short rain (1 -4 hours), it usually won't effect my RA.

tharr said...

I still get excited with the prospect of storms moving in, guess it's just the kid in me. The rain is not always the culprit with me. When the pressure drops right before a big storm moves in I seem to notice more aches and pains.

Thank you for your optimism, I feel it will help me also.

Liz said...

Hello. I just stumbled across your blog from RA Guy's links. It's very nice to see a fellow RA'er who still tries to do the things they love. I go quadding a lot - a little more easy on the joints than dirtbiking. I also work 12 hour shifts (including night shifts), and am on my feet constantly the whole time - it's eerie how familiar your stories about people asking questions about how you feel and not really caring, or passing it off as 'Oh, so-and-so has that too." when you know they don't.
Anyways, you have a great blog, I look forward to following it.

tharr said...

Hello Liz,
Glad you found me. Next time you drop by, send me your email address to

We do have a lot in common and I would like to find out a few things with your riding and working with RA.