Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Low Pain, No Fatigue

I had an unexpected turn Sunday at work ... suddenly out of nowhere, I started feeling better. By the time I finished my 12 hour shift I was still feeling good, so I went home and worked out. I got up Monday afternoon to go back to work, expecting to feel "back to normal", but was surprised to find I still felt very good.

I don't know why, I'm not going to question it, I'll just kick back and enjoy it while it lasts. I'm not pain free, but certainly better. My pain level for the last three days has been about a two, but more importantly, the fatigue is gone. I have had energy and it feels fantastic! It has been so long, I almost forgot what it feels like.

After finishing a 12 hour shift this morning at 7 am, I loaded my bike and gear bag and headed for the woods (see number 1 of my previous post). I knew we had rain with the threat of severe weather moving in this morning, but I was riding no matter what. I FELT GOOD. I unloaded and quickly got over the mountain and crossed a couple of creeks. This is the time of year when all deep mudholes and creeks become rancid little puddles - you go around them if possible. There is nothing quite like busting a mudhole in 3rd gear and catching a mouthful of stagnate, sewer smelling water! I started up one of my favorite singletrack trails and noticed cow patties about a mile into it. I kept going at a pretty good pace and as I round a tight little corner, I am face to face with 3 longhorn steer's shoulder to shoulder filling up the trail. Reminded me of an offensive line in football. I'll have to admit, even this one took me by surprise. They weren't impressed with my KTM and soon two of them started grunting, I'm pretty sure they were calling an audible on me. Since 3 against 1 isn't good odds (especially if you are the 1) and since I don't have horns and they do, I figured I would turn around and ride someplace that didn't have quite as many longhorn steers on it.

I put in a good little ride and when exiting a fast, old logging road, I turned back north onto a dirt road and the sky was deep, dark blue. Not a black sky but not far from it, so since I was 25 miles from the truck, I lit the throttle up trying to beat the storm. I rode an exhilarating pace and loaded up just ahead of the preliminary rains. The temperature must have dropped 7-10 degrees just before it rolled in this morning. I had changed back into my shorts and t-shirt and just got everything in the truck when it started raining. I couldn't have timed it any better. Not a bad day, I snuck a 51 mile ride in on a work day and beat the rain back to the truck.

I'm anxious about starting my Orencia treatments next week. I want to feel better all of the time! I don't know how much it will help me, but I have to do something, the Enbrel is just not working for me like it used to.


mallen said...

Glad you got to do some things you enjoy doing during this low pain period. I appreciate you dropping over to my blog too!!


Cathy said...

AWESOME!!!! I like to do the same thing - take advantage of every good minute doing what I enjoy! I am glad you are feeling better and good luck with the new meds. :)

tharr said...

Mallen and Cathy,
These times are few and far between for me, so I try to make the most of them when I do get some good days.

Most of the time when I ride, I am hurting and fatigued, I just don't tell my body that it should be home resting.

Living It, Loving It said...

Awesome! Those good days are worth it.

V said...

Just found your blog through RA Warrior...It is so cool that you can still do what you love to some extent, at least on your good days and it is very encouraging to read about it as I am younger and trying to keep up with my "old life" while fighting my RA. (actually just started ablog about it too :-) hope the new meds work well for you- its such a strange balance of fear and hope when you are doing new meds...I will be hoping along with you that the new meds work amazingly well!

kittenbear said...

I know what you mean, I've been recovering from a bad year with my arthritis and ulcers - when I found myself NOT in pain the other week, it was just surreal. I've been on a total high about life and getting everything I can done. Not overdoing it, just making up a little for lost time. It's a fantastic feeling!, all the best with your new meds :) Mo