Friday, August 14, 2009

A Vacation From RA

I checked on a friend this week who had not posted on her blog in a while and made the comment to her, "I hoped you were out on a cruise ship dancing, laughing and having a good time" or something close to that.

That got me thinking, wouldn't it be great to get a group of fellow RAer's together and take a week long cruise. No work, no worries and most of all no pain. Well, I can dream can't I? I have met many fellow RAer's online, but would love to meet face to face, sit down and talk with and really get to know you. We have blogged and hurt together, why not spend a few days laughing, shopping, dining and even dancing together.

If I were in charge, the cruise would look something like this. (See ad above)

You are to leave all joint pain and flare ups on shore when boarding. If you insist, some minor swelling will be permitted on the boat, but no whining, crying, bitching or moaning about it!

The menu will consist of all of the items we should avoid like:
Cheeseburger and Fries
Banana Splits
Pancakes and Bacon
Hey, we have the rest of our lives to eat right.

Activities will include all of the normal cruise activities:
Spa with massages
as well as some new RA specific games and activities:
Name that pill.
Beat the crap out of the incompetent rheumatologist * (only 1 punch per guest will be permitted every 8 hours - no baseball bats please)
Wheelchair races around the top deck (no electric chairs permitted)
Canned goods pick up race with a grabbing device.
Hoveround Wheelchair Joust (combatants will mount their respective Hoveround 30 feet apart and on command will race toward each other wielding a Deluxe Oak Cane. The match will be over when one of the combatants requires medical attention or is accidentally knocked overboard.)
* One incompetent rheumatologist will be selected for the cruise from your nominations when you turn in your deposit for your reservation. The rheumatologist you nominate must be from your own personal experience, you cannot nominate a rheumatologist that you have not had doctor/patient contact with.

Well, you can obviously see why I'll never be in charge of anything. I still think we would have fun though.


Cathy said...

Where do we sign up? Sounds like fun to me!