Saturday, August 1, 2009

This Day Sucked

Thursday morning I spent two hours with my rheumatologist taking xrays, having bloodwork done and setting up a start day for new medicine. I still have to go back next week for a TB test. I am switching from Enbrel to Orencia. Switching from giving myself two shots a week to an office visit with a 30 minute IV injection once a month.

After that I went home and had to crawl around on the floor of my shop taking a steering link off of my riding nower. I then drove 80 miles north to my dad's house and cut and welded a new piece on the link, I don't have a welder at my house. On the way back we stopped and took my daughter out to dinner and visited. It was 10 pm when I arrived home and I was hurting so badly, I could barely walk from the truck to the house.

I got up Friday morning and was planning on taking the KTM out for a ride, but the pain was so great that I just laid back down. My feet, hands, left shoulder, hips and perhaps the worst of all, ... fatigue. It is impossible to explain the pain that Rheumatoid Arthritis imposes on us, to someone who does not have it. On a good day, I can do most of what I want to, but with pain. On a bad day like today, it is sort of like having the flu with four or five broken toes and a dislocated shoulder. Other than that, I felt pretty good!


Cathy said...

I hope you are feeling better!

BattyBeader said...

As one of your fellow RA'ers, I truly feel for you! The pain is bad enough and most of them time we can handle it, but the fatigue just brings us to our knees.

I hope you feel better and that the fatigue subsides. Be nice to yourself.

BattyBeader said...

One more thing...isn't it amazing how your meds look like some kind of radiation therapy...oh wait, I forgot...we do take poison, don't we. UGH

tharr said...

Thank you. I did feel quite a bit better when I went to work Saturday (after sleeping all day) but a 14 hour shift will get to anyone. I managed to survive the first 11 hours but old ugly pain showed up for the last 3 hours of the shift. I went straight home and crawled in bed and slept all day again. Funny how the pain can hit you all at once but it never leaves the same way, it takes days to eventually all be gone.


tharr said...

I know you know the pain as only us fellow RA patients can understand. It is so nice to visit with other RAer's.

By the way, my analogy is based on personal injuries. I have had 3 broken toes and a dislocated shoulder. Just thought I would pass that on so you know that I didn't just pull that statement out of my ... well, you know.


RA Guy said...

Sorry to hear about the fatigue, I hope things get better soon!

On the positive side, it's great that you have access to a rheumatologist and costly medicines...I received an email a month or so back from a guy our age living with RA and with no access to either of these two items - it just broke my heart.

tharr said...

RA Guy,
Thanks, I am feeling better. It just doesn't correct itself overnight unfortunately.

I do have good insurance where I work and I often have wondered what would I do if I was to lose my job with the economy being down like it is now. It is awful hearing about people suffering and no insurance for healthcare or meds.