Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Great Day

My cousin Scott and his son Kaid drove down from Farmington early Saturday morning to go ride with me. I was excited because I don't get to see them much and also, Kaid and I had been cooking this ride up for nearly a year. Kaid is 13, big for his age and although he has been on a bike or 4 wheeler since age 4, he had never ridden in the woods. That is all about to change today. Scott has 2 street bikes and a 4 wheeler but no dirt bike so he will be riding one of my bikes today.

I spoke with Scott on Thursday about the ride and got a feel for what Kaid's riding ability was. After speaking with Scott, I laid out a dual sport loop for us, based on Kaid's riding ability, with a difficulty degree of a strong 3 to an easy 4. We unloaded and Kaid was all smiles while getting dressed. We warmed the bikes up and headed up the hill. Once at the top of the hill, we were not greeted by the turkey's (only about the third or maybe fourth ride this year that we have not seen them) and quickly scooted across the top of the mountain. The descent was a different story though with Kaid in between Scott and I, we started off the mountain after I gave him some quick riders advice. Switchbacks, deep ruts and washouts, but Kaid acted like he had rode them all of his life.

We jumped onto some single track and this was to Kaid's liking as well. He rode exceptionally well for his first time out in the woods, but I didn't want to wear him out or make him so sore he didn't want to come back to ride with me. We logged 57.2 miles, jumped 2 deer and saw 3 snakes. As we were loading up I looked over at him and he was grinning even bigger than before we started the ride.

On the way back into town, we stopped and ate a cheeseburger in Midland. There was a super cute 18 to 19 year old girl waiting on us. Scott gave Kaid the money to go pay for the burgers and he brought back $2 change. I added $2 for the tip and told Kaid to take it up and hand it to her and ask for her phone number. He quickly got embarrassed and told me he couldn't. She came back around to ask if we needed anything else and left. I elbowed Kaid and said, "she wasn't looking at me or your dad", then I told him, "at least write your name and phone number down on the top dollar of the tip for her. He told me he had a couple of girlfriends, to which I replied "I bet they don't have their drivers license and own car though". He wouldn't do it, I don't understand him, she was giving him the big eye, but it's cool. I'll just have to work on him a little more next time we go ride. All in all, a GREAT DAY.


Dave said...

Awesome taking a newbie out to ride the woods for the first time.


RA Guy said...

Glad you had a great day - we can never have too many!

tharr said...

Dave, it was cool watching him grin from ear to ear the whole ride.

RA Guy, you're right. Plus, for us, we have to have fun when we are feeling good. We don't know how RA is going to treat us tomorrow.