Saturday, July 18, 2009

Redneck Way of Life

I never lived in a house trailer or dated my cousin, but I am a redneck and proud of it. I believe in many of the fundamental redneck values. I believe in God, honesty, self-reliance and a simple way of life.

But I also like computer's, high end stereo equipment, electronic fuel injection and other non redneck values. I am ... a complex redneck.

I have enjoyed redneck jokes for years, and after Jeff Foxworthy and the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, it became cool to be a redneck. If I were face to face with a group of terrorist's, I'd want six or seven rednecks with a pickup, keg o' beer, shotguns and tire irons at my side. We might go down, but we'll take 'em with us!! Just boils down to good redneck work ethic, clean up what you started.

I love a good redneck joke and one of my favorites is :
A teacher is giving a lecture around Halloween.
"Okay, how many of you have seen a ghost?" A few of the students raise their hand.
"Okay, how many of you have actually touched a ghost?" Two or three raise their hand this time
"Okay, how many of you have had sex with a ghost?" Silence, until a redneck boy in the back row puts up his hand.
"You've actually had sex with a ghost?"
"Ghost? Oh. I thought you said goat!"

Just for the record, I've never done my cousin, ... or a goat.


Cathy said...

Ha! Ha! Funny. I grew up in Kansas with plenty of rednecks. Hopefully they weren't doing their goats either, but you never know. :)

BattyBeader said...

I live in a "trailer", even had a fridge on my porch at one time...never done a goat...I am happy to report!
Great joke, Terry

v said...

hey tdharr,
finally i'm getting to your 'blog'. officially, i know a blog is a web-log, but really, what's it all about? blogging? like a public journal? that's scary.
how ya like it? this blogging thing? is it very time-consuming?
now, the redneck stuff.....
my ideas of what the term 'redneck' mean aren't positive. although you think of yourself as a redneck, that's not a label i would attach to you. but, if you want to be one, okie-dokie! redneck away, but i'll never think of you as that person.
just me,

tharr said...

Cathy, I hope they weren't doing their goats either. I'll get back to more normal post's in the future.

tharr said...

That is hilarious! I never knew that about you.


tharr said...

Thanks, but Webster defines a redneck as "a white member of the Southern rural laboring class". Like it or not, that is me!


Al said...

Yep, the redneck ways, intightal, shotguns with slug shells or scatrin whatever, compound bows. shit flech em. 89 dodge. u can go ahead do ur cuzin but i did cuz ididnt know her. found out day later. ben livin off da land fur past 7yrs just got back to my home town in louisiana with my brother. we r lookin at headen back out soon. took me 4 n a half hour to figure this new intrnet out. pfft now theres smartphone, bussinuss intrnet and more use of condoms pfft. all i need are my tools to make wepons home. always love god, guns and explosives never forget ur family

Al said...

cud use that keg o beer