Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Stuff

New riding gear doesn't come very often at my house. So imagine my excitement at purchasing new gear, much needed new gear, sorta like christmas in June.

You are supposed to replace your helmet every 2 years unless you take a hard impact on it, then it should be replaced immediately. My helmet is 9 years old. My chest protector is, dare I say it ... 19 years old. It is so old and broken down it just transfers an impact to my body rather than absorbing any impact. Not quite sure why I have kept wearing it, just habit I guess.

I have been "collecting" new riding gear for the past 2 month's that actually matches my new motorcycle. I have not had coordinating gear since I quite racing around 1993. That didn't concern me in the least. As long as I could ride, that is what it's all about. Randall and Race were good sports about being seen riding with me. They both look like they just stepped out of Motocross Action magazine with matching gear while I, on the other hand, look like Stevie Wonder laid out my riding gear to wear. Nothing against Stevie, I just wouldn't want him dressing me or driving me anywhere.

I can't wait to get out and crash test my new helmet and chest protector! Just kidding, but if I do, I will feel safer if I have the big one now.

In addition to some new riding gear I have a new ramp to load my bike and a new larger gas tank that extends my range from 105 miles to 180 miles on a tank of gas. Now I just need for my RA to ease up so I feel good enough to go ride every week.


BattyBeader said...

Good God...as many times as you may have bonked your bum, you might want to have matching butt gear.
Humm, butt pads. Have I stumbled upon an invention. Maybe Stevie Wonder can help with the design. **smile**
Can't wait to see some new pictures of the team riding...and matching.
Stay safe!

tharr said...

Actually, butt pads would have come in handy several times in my life - LOL. You might look into heavily padding some riding shorts that go under your leathers. Who knows, maybe my crashing will make you rich!