Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Delinquent Squirrels

I spent my last two days off mowing so I loaded my bike up this morning, fixed a couple of scrambled eggs, a protein shake and headed out the door for the woods. It was a beautiful cool morning with the threat of rain moving in by mid morning, but that didn't stop me. It has been a while since I have felt good enough to ride, I was going to ride today no matter what!

I unloaded to a cool breeze with the birds singing and three squirrels playing about 50 feet from me, they didn't even know I was around, or if they did, they figured I wasn't a threat. It was kinda funny, two of the squirrels were ganging up on the other one. How bad does your day have to be ... you're a squirrel and other delinquent squirrels are bullying you around. Maybe thats why there are so many squirrels ran over in the road, its not that they're that dumb, its rival squirrel gangs. The gang catches a squirrel away from his homeys by himself, grab him, then throw him in front of an oncoming vehicle.

I headed out and quickly arrived at one of our favorite trails. The ground was almost perfect, plenty of traction was available for the 525 today and I rode at a very comfortable but fast pace for the first part of the ride. I rode three of my favorite trails but decided not to push my luck since my RA has been nagging me a lot this spring. I resorted to riding a short dual sport loop to finish my ride out. All in all a good day. I logged 70 miles, dialed the helmet cam in a bit more and loaded up feeling good, i.e. not hurting.

Oh by the way, Randall and I had thought we needed to keep our eyes out for bear and mountain lions, both are in the area we ride, but just last week we learned that there was a bigfoot expedition (I didn't even know a bigfoot expedition was real) in the area we ride. We have heard several stories from this area and always just chocked it up to alcohol or overactive imagination. Here is one of the the links to the May 09 bigfoot expedition if you're interested:


Well, maybe if I run across one I will have the helmet cam on and I can become rich and famous. On the other hand, it would kinda suck being known for being killed by bigfoot in Oklahoma. Guess I'll just have to take my chances.


Paul said...

The squirrel gang's is funny stuff. Hadn't really thought about it that way.

tharr said...

Yeah, they were harassing the other little guy pretty good. Hey, there may even be a squirrel mafia. Maybe waste a gopher or two as a warning to the other squirrels! HA

BattyBeader said...

I have a big foot...
Oh wait, you meant, THE BIGFOOT, I thought I was on a different blog, lol.

You should write a childrens book, "Delinquent Squirrels and Big Foot running along the 525".

All kidding aside, it sounds like you had a great ride, Terry. Your descriptions put us right there on the trail with you!

tharr said...

Arlene, I could see it now, "Kids gather round, daddy's going to read you a bedtime story ... Delinquent Squirrels and Bigfoot". I would be footing the bill for children's therapy for years!

It is pretty funny though, I couldn't sit down and try to make something like this up! Just look around in your everyday life, there's plenty of crazy things going on.

hopieland said...

I KNEW those squirrels in my yard were a gang! The Gang Of Three and their sworn rivals The Jays. Outnumbered by the larger Jay gang, the fight for my bird feeder is intense, but the Gang of Three hold their ground. You made me laough out loud, Tharr.

tharr said...

Hope, I'm glad you got a laugh out of the squirrel gangs!